DAZN, after the problems come the refunds: how much is due and how to get them

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

DAZN will refund all its users. On January 10, the top management of the streaming giant met in Rome with the Minister for Enterprise and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso, the Minister for Sport Giovanni Andrea Abodi and the President of AgCom Giacomo Lasorella, to define the situation relating to heavy disservices which concerned in … Read more

Disservices Dazn, the company apologizes: refunds start after the chaos on Inter-Naples

Disservices Dazn the company apologizes refunds start after the chaos

Customers of will be refunded Dazn who had to suffer disruptions during the first day of Serie A in 2023 and above all yesterday evening, 4 January, during Inter-Naples. In a note, the club has once again apologized to subscribers, after the very harsh controversies unleashed on social networks by the many who had complained … Read more

Emergency canceled flights: what to do to obtain refunds or alternative tickets from the airlines

Aeroitalia the Italian company with foreign funds that takes off

In this period, tens of thousands of people end up being victims of canceled or seriously delayed flights (even 6-7 hours) every day. But the territorial context in which the inconvenience occurs and also the nationality of the airline play an important role in terms of the protection provided for consumers. Here are some answers. … Read more

Sprint of the Revenue Agency on 730 refunds: taxpayers rejoice

Sprint of the Revenue Agency on 730 refunds taxpayers rejoice

The Revenue Agency reassures taxpayers. The refund of the 730 will arrive in the July paycheck together with the 200 euro Bonus. A rich month for citizens who have submitted their tax returns. In July, the IRPEF refund and the 200 euro bonus will arrive. Adobe Stock It’s time to good news among the many … Read more

Refunds Model 730, pensioners are waiting: payment methods and timing

Refunds Model 730 pensioners are waiting payment methods and timing

There is expectation among retirees for reimbursements of the 730 model that will be paid starting in August. Let’s see the expected procedure and the timing of the payments. Is the payment of the Model 730 on the way, will there be refunds or withholdings? Some retirees will rejoice others not, for now we just … Read more

Model 730 pre-filled in 2022, start smoothly according to the Revenue: in July the first IRPEF refunds

Launch of the pre-filled form 730/2022 without hitches: this was highlighted by the Revenue Agency with the press release of 1 June. The first IRPEF reimbursements for employees will start in July, in August for retirees. No technical problems for starting the modification phase of the 730 pre-filled form 2022: to affirm it is theRevenue … Read more

Cashback with plate for the queues on the motorway, go to refunds: payments after 10 ‘of delay

Cashback with plate for the queues on the motorway go

Refund of the toll motorway for delays higher than 10 minutes, directly recognized on the basis of the license plate of your car and without having to make any questions, declarations or reminders. After an experiment that began on 15 September last, the “cashback with plaqueā€¯On the entire network managed by Autostrade per l’Italia which … Read more