Ancelotti-Gattuso, cold greeting. That phone call that never came that broke the relationship between the two

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

Of Monica Scozzafava The relationship between the two cracked at the time of the change on the Napoli bench. Ancelotti sends a message to Gattuso: Did De Laurentiis call you?. And the other one: No, I’d tell you if it were him. Then the exemption and a clarification that never came A phone call that … Read more

McDonald’s relationship between colleagues: dismissal and fine of thousands of euros –

McDonalds relationship between colleagues dismissal and fine of thousands of

A story that is literally going around the world and that sees a McDonald’s employee thrown out for having had an affair with a colleague, who is then also forced to pay a substantial fine. It is not the first time that a company has banned romantic relationships between colleaguesa much more common policy than … Read more

«Marriage to be saved?». “No, it’s a toxic relationship.” Controversy over the story of Valentina and Stefano

Marriage to be saved No its a toxic relationship Controversy

C’ Posta per te, episode of 7 January 2023: This is the story of an interrupted marriage. It begins like this, by the mouth of Maria DeFilippi, the story of Valentina, one of the five protagonists of the episode, a story which, since Saturday, has raised a lot of criticism on the net. Starting, for … Read more

Lorella Cuccarini and Silvio Testi: «We were both in a relationship. We got married after six months»

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Of Clare Maffioletti Together for 31 years: «He was the producer of Baudo, I found him beautiful. The ups and downs, the silences, he never liked the frivolous side of my work» “When they paint us as the Mulino Bianco family, it makes me laugh a little.” Lorella Cuccarini37 years of career, the smile as … Read more

Harry and the “meticulous revenge” against William: “Their relationship will not survive the new book”

La vita di Cristina Vittoria Egger chi e la madre

In «Spare», the book to be released in a few days all over the world, Prince Harry would analyze the relationship with his brother «with detailed descriptions». So much so that a source tells the “Times” of London that the two will not be able to mend after the publication of the work (for which … Read more

Diana Del Bufalo: «Without realizing it, I say the wrong things. Ruffini? Now we have a good relationship “

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

from Martina Pennisi The actress followed by 1.7 million followers: “I’m insecure but I also know I have the gift of charisma.” On Ornella Vanoni: “she’s a crafty: she turned her attention to me when she couldn’t remember a joke” “I’m not ambitious, I know it may seem hard to believe. I feed on so … Read more

La Pimenta says it all: ‘The relationship with Raiola, Haaland-Juve, Donnarumma and Milan, the choice of De Ligt, Balotelli and the threats of male colleagues …’

Paris Berlin clash in the EU on price cap and Sure

All football. Rafaela Pimenta, the heir prosecutor of Mino Raiola’s empire, has developed a series of very important issues relating to its work and its clients. These are the words of him to the microphones of Sky: “I realize that I have an unusual job for a woman, but my goal is to be happy. … Read more

Samsung launches Welliving, the new radar trend photographs the relationship between well-being and technology

Samsung presents “Welliving”, the new initiative designed to raise awareness of the importance of psychophysical well-being, with particular attention to the new generations who have been among the most impacted by the pandemic and are the most sensitive to health issues in a holistic sense. With this project, Samsung confirms its commitment to the creation … Read more

Is there a relationship between stroke risk and blood group? Some may have a higher risk before age 60

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

from Cesare Peccarisi Experts reiterate that what really matters for these events are prevention and timeliness of intervention In 1930 the Viennese immunologist Karl Landsteiner won the Nobel Prize for identification of the three blood groups A, B and 0 (zero) which leads to the ABzero classification which distinguishes the types of blood that each … Read more

Pogba: “Juve, that’s why I’m back. What a relationship with Allegri, now let’s start winning again.”

War in Ukraine where are we armies blocked south disputed

The French midfielder to GQ: “Used to managing rumors, it’s part of the game. Positivity and smile, I work hard to get back as soon as possible. However, never had any doubts, Turin is my place” “To the fans I promise that I will work hard to get back on the pitch as soon as … Read more