Chronic fatigue: what are the causes and what remedies can you use to defeat it

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Especially in the winter season, it happens to many people to experience symptoms compatible with those of chronic fatigue. In fact, an analysis reveals that one in five people feel very tired. Nevertheless, when can we really talk about chronic fatigue? It is a pathology that is identified by a sense of persistent tiredness and … Read more

High blood pressure problems? The new remedies that not everyone knows and that will improve our lives

High blood pressure problems The new remedies that not everyone

You can help yourself if you suffer from hypertension thanks to some totally natural tips that are good for you in general. The condition of hypertension, also better known as high blood pressure, should never be underestimated. This, just like the low one, must always be kept under control. InformationToday – Hypertension To better understand … Read more

Car muffler, if black smoke comes out, start to worry: here are the causes and remedies

Car muffler if black smoke comes out start to worry

There are many causes that can lead to this phenomenon, but one in particular stands out. Is it a serious problem? Here is the answer… There is no doubt about one thing: if black smoke comes out of the car muffler and we witness this scene…something wrong. However, we need to understand exactly what could … Read more

Cough in children, causes and remedies: the guide of the doctors of the Child Jesus

Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date Cough is a protective reflex that serves to clear the airways of secretions or involuntarily inhaled material. It is therefore a normal function of our body which has a defensive purpose and which is not normally controlled by our will. However, as pointed out by the … Read more

Sudden drop in sugar: symptoms and remedies

Sudden drop in sugar symptoms and remedies

Introduction I’m sure it’s already happened to you too… A moment of fainting, a feeling of imminent fainting or in any case of sudden malaise… Low sugar, right? And so here’s a nice bag of sugar and everything passes… but what if I told you that the explanation was probably something completely different? Let’s take … Read more

Insomnia: the 7 perfect remedies for Christmas and beyond, always peaceful nights –

Insomnia the 7 perfect remedies for Christmas and beyond always

Insomnia is a problem that afflicts many Italians. But during the holidays the times are alter and insomnia can definitely get worse. During the holidays just being late and doing revelry can push towards insomnia even many Italians who normally do not suffer from this disorder. If you go to bed too late, falling asleep … Read more

Influenza, the Australiana arrives in Italy: when will it peak, symptoms and remedies to cure it according to Rezza

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The new flu strain, isolated for the first time in Australia, is more aggressive and tends to affect children Posted on: 04-12-2022 10:39 FREELANCE JOURNALIST Graduated in Communication Sciences, he took his first steps in the sports editorial offices of Palermo and then moved to Milan to work for all-news publications such as Yahoo and … Read more

It is possible to cure hemorrhoids: effective remedies to eliminate the discomfort

It is possible to cure hemorrhoids effective remedies to eliminate

Even those who have never had them know that hemorrhoids can be painful and very annoying. It is possible to cure them thanks to some remedies that are considered effective: here are what they are. It is one of the most common pathologies that exist and affects both women and men alike. There are those … Read more

Do you suffer from itchy hands and feet at night? It is not just annoyance: causes, symptoms and remedies

Do you suffer from itchy hands and feet at night

Many people suffer from itchy hands and feet at night. It is an annoying and irritating situation. But not everyone says there are triggers: here’s what you need to know. All individuals hate being disturbed at night while they sleep, whatever it is. But unfortunately it happens frequently to many due to itchy skin. It … Read more