Competition for 900 new figures at the Revenue Agency: here are the requirements and dates

Competition for 900 new figures at the Revenue Agency here

L’Revenue agency has published the date on which it will take place public competition for the permanent hiring of 900 new figures. The best of those who will be able to pass the selection will be employed in the role of technical assistantin the second functional area, salary bracket F3. What will the 900 new … Read more

Appliance bonus, zero ISEE requirements: it’s for everyone | How do you get it

Appliance bonus zero ISEE requirements its for everyone How

Household appliances bonus with extension of the concession by the Draghi Government to be requested without requirements. Home appliances bonus- In a period of economic difficulties and continuous increases in electricity and gas bills, Italian families can benefit from various bonuses and economic benefits. Among the many bonuses welcomed by households is the appliance … Read more

Photovoltaic bonus of 8,500 euros: here is where, how it works and requirements

New bonuses and help to install a photovoltaic system or another energy system from renewable sources. Great news for anyone who lives in Pugliathe Region in which it will be possible to ask for a discount of up to 8,500 euros. Energy efficiency thus opens up to families with an income of less than 20,000 … Read more

Rental bonus 2022: application, requirements and young people

Rental bonus 2022 application requirements and young people

In this article we talk about rental bonus 2022, in particular we will try to understand who it is addressed to and what are the required requirements. Discover the latest news on bonus, Rem, Rdc and single check. Read on Telegram all the news on Invalidity and Law 104. Receive the latest updates on bonuses, … Read more