Antibiotic resistance: even newborns are at risk –

Antibiotic resistance even newborns are at risk Nostrofiglioit

The risk factors for human health are not represented only by diseases, but there is another threat that worries us in recent times and that is resistance to antibiotics. Antibiotics are used to prevent and treat bacterial infections. L’antibiotic resistance (AMR) is a phenomenon that occurs when bacteria become resistant to these drugs, i.e. they … Read more

Antibiotic resistance. Newborns are also at risk: 214,000 deaths from antimicrobial-resistant infections every year in the world

The figure was illustrated today by the Italian Society of Neonatology. About half of the pathogens causing severe neonatal infections are currently resistant to first- and second-line treatments recommended by the World Health Organization. The Sin president, Luigi Orfeo: “The picture that emerges is that of a reality in which the arsenal to fight microorganisms … Read more

Tajani brings the migrant dossier to Europe today. Resistance and attempts for mediation

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

from Francesca Basso The Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels today. The fears of the European Commission FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTBRUSSELS – To understand what to expect from the Foreign Affairs Council held today in Brussels, we must remember that the war in Ukraine is still ongoing with all its consequences. And this will be the heart … Read more

Insulin Resistance and Belly Fat: Symptoms, Foods to Avoid, New Therapies – iO Woman

Insulin Resistance and Belly Fat Symptoms Foods to Avoid New.webp

THEL belly fat afflicts most women and men especially with advancing age. The attempts to go on a diet, the training sessions, the “miracle” creams and the so-called “belly-deflating” supplements are useless. To fix things not only from an aesthetic point of view – it is known that visceral fat can increase cardiovascular risk – … Read more

Inter’s resistance knocks Barcelona out: Inzaghi breathes and ‘sees’ the second round

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

All is well that ends well. And so congratulations to all‘Inter that after the 3-1 in the semifinal of 2010 returns to beat the Barcelona and rises to second place in the group behind the Bayern. In a week at the Camp Nou we will have to maintain this advantage, but in the meantime it … Read more

Who is Zaluzhny, the general who invented the Ukrainian resistance (and ended up on the cover of “Time”)

War in Ukraine where are we armies blocked south disputed

Raised in the Soviet Union, admirer of the Russian Chief of Staff Gerasimov, was chosen by Zelensky in 2021 and transformed the army of Kiev In those summer days, while the Russians were massing men and vehicles on the border, Zelensky did not believe intelligence reports who foresaw an imminent invasion. Zaluzhny, along with other … Read more

A yellow ribbon against the Russians, the symbol of the resistance of the Ukrainians. “Here are the partisans”

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

from Lorenzo Cremonesi They sprout from the trees of the occupied cities. And the resistance also signs the murders of the collaborators FROM OUR SENDZAPORIZHZHIA – Let’s talk about Ukrainian partisan resistancestronger and better organized, so much so as to force the Russian army on the defensive. Its militants distribute thousands of yellow ribbons to … Read more

Ukrainians are in trouble: what are the problems and what does the resistance need?

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Putin’s successes in the Donbass bring attention back to the Ukrainian “state” of war. Two reports offer answers. These are partial evaluations, expressed however by authoritative sources Putin’s successes in Donbass draw attention to the War “state” of Ukraine. Two reports offer answers. These are partial evaluations, indications however expressed by authoritative sources. The first … Read more

“That is why the Russians will not destroy us”: the strenuous resistance of the Azovs

“I don’t trust the Russians, I know they will treat them badly. So my only hope now is that an exchange between prisoners will take place. It’s the only thing that can save my friends, our heroes ”. Serhij Bewz, 39, an economics graduate, is a commander of the Azov Battalion. Today Serhij is the … Read more

From MotorStorm to Resistance: PS3 games to rediscover with PlayStation Plus

From MotorStorm to Resistance PS3 games to rediscover with PlayStation.webp

Sony wants to go big with the new PlayStation Plus, which is preparing to make its debut in Europe (including Italy), scheduled for June 23, 2022. It took a while but we finally know the catalog of games that will be part of the Extra and Premium subscriptions of the service. We are talking about … Read more