Parkinson’s disease, a saliva test will reveal the trend

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

Important scientific news arrives from the Congress of the Italian Society of Neurology underway in Milan. Among the topics under discussion are the possibilities of understanding what it could be the clinical evolution for those suffering from Parkinson’s disease doing a simple saliva test. How? Thanks to a biomarker present in it. Alfredo Berardelli, President … Read more

‘We pay him but he didn’t do anything’. The role of agents in the Juve investigation and the gray economy that the FIGC does not reveal

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

“We pay him but he didn’t do anything.” Interceptions on the case Juventus which in pills are published by the media bring out a vast parallel system, in which real and virtual money flow without limits. And this flow also passes through the agentswho in this case as in many others are something more than … Read more

Cashews are the best natural antidepressant, we reveal why

Cashews are the best natural antidepressant we reveal why

A new epidemiological study suggests that constant consumption of cashews may be associated with a better state of general psycho-physical well-being in adults. Depression (Photo @ THE MOST READ ARTICLES TODAY: Two years of world pandemic, lockdown and the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war are perhaps the worst events that the world population has experienced in … Read more

Theatrical Meghan, Sorrowful Kate: how gestures, expressions and bows reveal how different they are

Theatrical Meghan Sorrowful Kate how gestures expressions and bows reveal

Turn on notifications to receive updates on Death of Queen Elizabeth II Kate Middleton and Meghan Marklejoined in last travels of Elizabeth II, at Westminster Hall they had in common only total black, pearls and the head covered by a hat. However, their emotions in front of the Queen’s coffin are different. As emotions are … Read more

De Ketelaere, the agents reveal: ‘After the meeting in Belgium, Milan and Bruges did not want to talk! The 40 million of Leeds … ‘

Paolo Fox horoscope today Thursday 4 August 2022 the ranking

The Milan you pamper your new purchase Charles De Ketelaerearrived after a long and exhausting negotiation with the Bruges. To confirm the difficulties also the agents of the attacking midfielder, Tom De Mul And Yama Sharifiwho spoke to Het Laatste Nieuws and revealed some background of the deal. CRITICISM – De Mul and Sharifi comment … Read more

Whatsapp, the trick that nobody wants to reveal to us: unthinkable functions

Whatsapp the trick that nobody wants to reveal to us

Whatsapp is one of the most used applications by users all over the world. Often, however, there are functions unknown to most. Share text messages, audio or video, content, files, in short, everything through a simple app is something that is now part of our daily life. One of the favorites of users is undoubtedly … Read more

It seems incredible but the facial wrinkles could reveal how we are and the presence of pathologies and here are the triggers

Our body continuously sends us signals about its state of well-being. Knowing how to recognize them is very important to understand when and if something is not going as it should. States of tiredness, anxiety and fatigue, they occur frequently during seasonal changesas well as a higher incidence of headache. But there are other clues … Read more

Chiara Nasti, the influencer who rents the stadium to reveal the sex of the baby: “I’m not a boor”

from Giovanna Cavalli The announcement at the Olimpico in front of Lazio striker Mattia Zaccagni on his knees and the criticisms for the 60 thousand euros spent: “Those who can’t have the same despise me” Lights on at the Olimpico, on Wednesday, as in a magical Champions League night (you can’t have everything): the Lazio … Read more

Hepatitis children, one death in Ireland (liver transplant for another minor): the 4 symptoms that reveal the disease

Pediatric acute hepatitisthe contagion does not stop in Europe and continues to worry doctors. The situation is particularly alarming in Ireland where one child has died and another was in such serious condition that he had to require a liver transplant. The mysterious strain of hepatitis affecting minors is increasingly perplexing health care managers around … Read more