Competition for 900 new figures at the Revenue Agency: here are the requirements and dates

Competition for 900 new figures at the Revenue Agency here

L’Revenue agency has published the date on which it will take place public competition for the permanent hiring of 900 new figures. The best of those who will be able to pass the selection will be employed in the role of technical assistantin the second functional area, salary bracket F3. What will the 900 new … Read more

Reimbursement email from the Revenue Agency: it’s a scam, alert from the Postal Police

1673665014 Reimbursement email from the Revenue Agency its a scam alert

High attention on the issue of scams and false emails such as the one linked to an alleged reimbursement relating to the Revenue Agency: the alert from the Postal Police The theme that is linked to scams and false emails unfortunately never ceases to worry and attract attention, just as in the case of those … Read more

New checks for citizens, professionals and companies to be launched by the Revenue Agency in 2023

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

How are they preparing to change the new controls against tax evasion already planned for 2023 and what does the stressful further request from the EU foresee? The phenomenon of tax evasion continues to be central to political discussions not only internally in our country but also at European level. And while the government plans … Read more

Inter and Milan, how much revenue sponsors bring

A few hours into the new year, the spotlight is on theme “sponsorships” for various Serie A clubs. For the record, the dispute is still holding the table Inter-Digitalbits (current main partner in the shirt). There is a close confrontation between the two realities in this final part of 2022. There are two viable options: … Read more

How to lower the ISEE, without ending up in the crosshairs of the Revenue Agency – SoloFinanza

How to lower the ISEE without ending up in the

canva The ISEE certification is the access key to the recognition of many bonuses and subsidized social services, therefore, many wonder what can be done to reduce the amount. Here are some absolutely legal ways to lower the ISEE amount. Everyone knows that the ISEE model is an indispensable document for the recognition of many … Read more

Registration of private deeds, the RAP model for loan agreements is born: instructions from the Revenue

The RAP model is born for the registration of private deeds electronically: it starts with loan agreements and will soon be extended. The instructions come from the Revenue Agency with provision number 465502/2022 fromRevenue Agencywith the Pprovision number 465502 of 19 December 2022was born on RAP model to use for the registration of private deeds … Read more

Did the Revenue Agency receive a communication by email? | Maximum attention is a scam –

Did the Revenue Agency receive a communication by email

Agenzia delle Entrate, has a communication arrived by email? Be very careful in this situation because it is a scam. Everyone surely knows theRevenue Agency, the government body that is responsible for carrying out the functions relating to tax assessments and controls, as well as managing taxes, as a tax agency of the Italian public … Read more

Revenue Agency, if you receive the “magic number” you save a third on diesel –

Revenue Agency if you receive the magic number you save

In these difficult times of crisis, when petrol and diesel prices rise and fall without warning and reached the dangerous threshold of 2.5 euros per liter just a few months ago, people are doing everything to save money. There’s a reason cost-of-living increases are ubiquitous: gas and electricity bills double in the best-case scenario, basic … Read more

This is why other letters from the Revenue Agency are arriving: when and to whom

Almost 2 billion euros were recovered thanks to the compliance letters ofRevenue Agency. L’objective fixed by Pnrr in terms of the fight against tax evasion it has almost been achieved: for now it has stopped at 73.7%. The figure dates back to 30 August, and is contained in the second report on the state of … Read more

Revenue Agency checks on credit assignments: this is what triggers the tax assessments

The rules on credit assignment for the building bonuses (and therefore also and above all for the superbonus 110%) and consequently the Revenue Agency also recalibrates i controls. What triggers the assessment is explained in circular letter no. 33, published by the Financial Administration on 6 October last. The document of practice explains the innovations … Read more