Surprise Tahirovic: Mourinho can revolutionize Rome with him

Surprise Tahirovic Mourinho can revolutionize Rome with him

ROME – It wasn’t a bluff, it was a project: «Don’t be surprised if one day you will see Tahirovic in the titular formation”. Jose Mourinho had announced it and followed up on the idea. For now only in a friendly at the end of December, against Viterbo, but be careful: to make room for … Read more

Sport and lifestyle revolutionize mental health: the latest incredible discovery

Sport and lifestyle revolutionize mental health the latest incredible discovery

Playing sports and adopting a healthy lifestyle are not choices that “only” affect body health: the latest discovery shows a correlation with mental well-being Sports (Pexels) Adopting healthy lifestyle choices is a method as important as it is effective for preserve health and it has been ascertained by science how much they can also influence … Read more

realme 10 is official! Here is the budget smartphone that wants to revolutionize the mid-range. Price and details

After weeks of rumors, realme 10 finally reality. The mid-range smartphone of the Chinese brand was made official today, with very clear objectives. realme 10 aims to conquer the mid-range, especially in Italy, which is considered a reference market and of great importance by the company. realme 10 looks like an … Read more

Something incredible will happen on Mars: it could revolutionize everything

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Man will go to Mars sooner or later. And judging by the most recent studies, forecasts no longer tell us about a hypothetical journey, but about something that could happen sooner than we think. Just think of the incredible work of SpaceX, the space agency headed by Elon Musk and which is already working on … Read more

Life adventures, diversification and no hidden costs: how this startup wants to revolutionize the world of travel – ​​BRANDVOICE | Paid program The name contains the philosophy and also the surprising results obtained in the last two years, despite the pandemic period, for those who, like them, organize group trips for Italians abroad by profession. They are the boys of Sivola.ita startup born from the vision of the five most followed … Read more

Unidirectional superconductor: considered impossible, it could revolutionize the whole electronics

Unidirectional superconductor considered impossible it could revolutionize the whole electronics

Associate Professor Mazhar Ali, along with his research team at TU Delft, has established there unidirectional superconductivity without magnetic fieldsconsidered impossible since 1911 when Kamerlingh Onnes discovered superconduction. The discovery, published in Natureis based on two-dimensional quantum materials and lays the foundations for computation using superconductors, potentially capable of constituting electronics hundreds of times … Read more