Bloated belly and gas? The remedy is foods rich in probiotics, a real panacea

Bloated belly and gas The remedy is foods rich in

After this long period of holidays, where big binges have certainly not been lacking, it is natural to have a swollen belly and gas: here are the foods rich in probiotics that could help During the Christmas holidays, very often, it happens to eat more than usual and especially if the intestine is not used … Read more

At the Gala with the ‘Tax the Rich’ dress, survey on Ocasio-Cortez – World

XFactor 2022 MTV But Is It All True In the

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the star Democrat congresswoman known as AOC, comes under investigation by the House ethics committee. The reasons are not known but the investigation follows the complaint filed by a conservative association for the participation of the pasionaria face of the new liberal generation at last year’s Met Gala with the ‘Tax the Rich’ … Read more

“I am brazenly rich. I have an accumulation of capital that should not be allowed”: the commander and doctor Enrique Piñeyro tells himself – Il Fatto Quotidiano

I am brazenly rich I have an accumulation of capital

“Can we call you Commander?” Enrique Piñeyro for 11 years he has ‘flown’ airliners. In jargon, we don’t say ‘fly’ but ‘fly a plane’, she reveals. He is also a doctor, actor, producer and director. And also a philanthropist: “I bought and donated a ship and two planes to the NGO Open Arms,” he says. … Read more

Free museums, great concerts and exhibitions: the rich weekend of Venice and its province

XFactor 2022 MTV But Is It All True In the

Free museums, parties, concerts and large contemporary painting exhibitions. It will be a weekend full of events not to be missed in the territory of Venice and its province, that of 5 and 6 November 2022. As usual, we would like to point out the main ones, on this page you can find the complete … Read more

He graduated in Medicine at the age of 23 with 110 cum laude: and if the children of the rich are the recipients of those treatments that make them “deserving”?

He graduated in Medicine at the age of 23 with

For a few days, as the journalist points out Wild Lucarelli in the header Tomorrow, makes discuss the news relating to the degree of Carlotta Rossignolitwenty-three years old from Verona who has the I deserve to have graduated 11 months early in medicine with a grade of 110 and honors and honorable mention at the … Read more

The diet for osteoporosis: foods rich in calcium and food combinations

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It is estimated that in Italy osteoporosis affects about 5,000,000 people, mainly postmenopausal women (80%). A predominantly female pathology, therefore, which – according to national epidemiological studies – afflicts 23% of women over 40 years of age. As we read on the website of the Higher Institute of Health, osteoporosis is a condition characterized by … Read more

Franco Gatti, goodbye to the mustache of the Rich and the Poor. Last farewell today in Genoa – Culture & Entertainment

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Today in Genoa the last farewell to Franco Gatti of the Rich and the Poor. The funeral at 11.30 in the church of San Siro in the Nervi district. The first nice thing for Franco Gatti, who died in Genoa at the age of 80, it was “the family, first of all, and then being … Read more

Do you have this coin? You are rich and you don’t know it: the € 2 that changes your life

Do you have this coin You are rich and you

These 2 euros could change your life. If you have this coin you could be rich and present an unexpected surprise. Here are all the details of the coins that have marked this area. In the world there are coins that can represent a real fortune. The numismatics sector can always surprise and represent a … Read more

Goodbye San Siro, the 60,000-seat Cathedral will be born: too small, so it will be a stadium only for the rich – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Goodbye San Siro the 60000 seat Cathedral will be born too

The path that will lead to cancellation of the Meazza stadium from the history of soccer and of Milan is ready to begin: from September 28, until November 18, the public debate on the proposal for the new plant will be held a San Siro from Milan And Inter. At the end of the cycle … Read more