Among the richest families in the world there is an Italian one: it is the queen of Ferrero sweets – The complete list

Among the richest families in the world there is an

12-digit net worths in the hundreds of billions. Families that can boast a wealth higher than that of most of the states in the world. In the list drawn up by Bloombergfor the fourth year in a row, confirmed as the richest family in the world are the Walton, heirs of the founder of the … Read more

Great Britain, taxes for the richest, no VAT on shopping: the new government like Thatcher

Great Britain taxes for the richest no VAT on shopping

A fiscal maneuver such as has not been seen since the days of Margaret Thatcher. The Conservative government of Liz Trussthrough the mouth of the Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng (i.e. the Minister of the Treasury), announced a drastic tax cut with the aim of giving an electric shock to the British economy, now … Read more

Bezos is no longer the second richest man in the world: who surpassed him

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

With a leap in the rankings he surpassed all the richest men in the world and ousted the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos from second place, placing himself behind only Elon Musk: the Indian multibillionaire Gautam Adani has passed in just 10 months from the 14th position to the second step of the podium of … Read more

Como, not just Fabregas: it is the richest team in Italy. What is behind the silent successes of the Hartono brothers

New obligation imposed by Europe on all cars

Now it must be understood whether the arrival of Cesc Fabregas on Lake Como is a whim of two millionaires – Robert and Michael Hartono – that the whims can be taken, and how, or instead it is the beginning of a new story that will project the club over time in the upper districts … Read more

It is one of the richest vegetables in water and would be ideal for weight loss and cholesterol control

When the heat becomes impossible to bear, it is important to have fresh food available, to eat without having to turn on ovens and stoves. In fact, in summer, space should be given to cold, fast and light dishes that are also easily digestible.So green light for pasta or rice salads, fish, fruit, vegetables and … Read more

Antonella Clerici retires? “I don’t want to become the richest in the cemetery” –

Antonella Clerici retires I dont want to become the richest

Antonella Clerici retires? After the seasonal conclusion of your “It’s always noon” program, you wanted to take stock of your personal and professional situation. She also talked about the end of her career. Here are her words. The program Rai It is always noon closed the television season with amazing results. The last episode even … Read more