Tinnitus, that ringing in the ear that doesn’t give peace. The best supplements to cure it

Tinnitus that ringing in the ear that doesnt give peace

The term tinnitus (or tinnitus) indicates a physical condition, in which a noise is perceived in one or both ears, even if no sound comes from outside. It is a very frequent type of disorder that affects up to 15% of the population, although in most cases it is well tolerated. However, there is a … Read more

Ringing in the ears like a whistle, it could be this pathology – NewsSalute.it

Ringing in the ears like a whistle it could be

In case of annoying ringing in the ears similar to a whistle, it could also be due to this pathology. This hearing disorder can be caused by a specific disease, especially in the presence of other rather specific symptoms. Ringing in the ears – Source AdobeStock Among the most annoying and difficult to diagnose ailments … Read more

Headache, dizziness and ringing in the ears could be the alarm bells of this disease that could cause various problems

Sometimes a minimum of discomfort is enough to alarm us and create deep concerns about our health. Many other times, however, some signals could pass on the sly and not make us grasp the real extent of the problem. This is why it would be good practice to undergo medical check-ups on a frequent basis. … Read more