Big Tech: record profits, but mass layoffs. One million jobs at risk | Milena Gabanelli

Big Tech record profits but mass layoffs One million jobs

How can Big Tech, the most powerful industry in the worldwhile celebrating one of the best two-year periods ever, let them fire 200 thousand people? Bags are bad, right. But looking at the financial statements, revenues continue to be record high. A half closed the 2021 to 117.9 billion compared to 85.9 of the 2020. … Read more

Alzheimer’s: These are the 7 worst foods that increase risk according to a study

Alzheimers These are the 7 worst foods that increase risk

Today the causes of the degenerative Alzheimer’s disease are still unknown. However, some scholars link the excessive consumption of certain foods to the onset of the disease. Let’s see what they are and if you are a regular consumer. ©liudmilachernetska/123rf Alzheimer’s is a progressive degenerative disease that damages some brain cells, leading to an irreversible … Read more

Covid. ECDC: “Kraken variant could become predominant in the EU but risk on the general population is currently assessed as low”

The European Center for Disease Control has issued a note with the evaluation of the new subvariant. “For now on the general population the risk is assessed as low while the risk is moderate to high for vulnerable people such as the elderly and unvaccinated and immunocompromised people, depending on their immunity. There are currently … Read more

Where do you store tap water to drink it at the table? Be careful, you could seriously risk the health of the whole family

Where do you store tap water to drink it at

Do you also have the habit of storing tap water like this? Maybe you should know one thing, it affects your health. Tap water and bottled water are different, everyone knows that, but one thing you should know. Many people think that tap water can be kept in bottles for a long time. However, not … Read more

Stroke: Your blood type may increase your risk, according to a study

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A study published in the journal Neurology found a link between stroke before age 60 and blood type. But there’s no need to be alarmed Eugene Spagnuolo January 12th – Milan For now it’s just a link, a statistic. And further research will have to tell us if and how evident. But second a study … Read more

World Bank cuts 2023 global growth estimates from 3% to 1.7%, risk of recession

Listen to the audio version of the article (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – The World Bank has sharply revised its forecast for global growth in 2023 downwards, cutting them to +1.7% from +3% last June, due to persistent inflation, rising interest rates and the effects of the war in Ukraine. The international institute then … Read more

Covid, the Kraken variant from the USA worries Europe: the risk of an increase in infections and the vaccine

Covid the Kraken variant from the USA worries Europe the

Concern about Kraken, the new Covid variant, is growing in Europe. Here’s what we know about the aggression rate and effectiveness of vaccines Posted on: 09-01-2023 17:13 JOURNALIST AND DEBUNKER Journalist passionate about fact checking, crime and pizza. Tobacco and caffeine addict, since 2016 he has been collaborating with and since 2018 he has … Read more

Dementia: 10 foods that increase the risk of “losing your mind”

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As many as 6.5 million Americans have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The number, enormous to say the least, increases if we consider dementia more generally which, according to statistics, affects 1 in 10 Americans over 65 in the United States and currently around 1.2 million people in Italy: in practice more than the entire population … Read more

Radiators, never keep them like this: it could be a health risk

Radiators never keep them like this it could be a

Radiators should never be kept this way, the health risk is very high. Here’s how to do it in order not to risk it. clean radiator – Radiators have become part of everyone’s life, precisely because they represent an ally for the winter against the cold. These tools can be of different types, precisely … Read more

Cryptocurrencies, the storm widens: the Genesis platform towards bankruptcy. Fed: “Risk of scams”

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Last November an almost prophetic Paul Krugman he explained that the bankruptcy of Ftx would have triggered a systemic crisis of the platforms for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, much like the dotcom bubble that brought the tech sector to its knees in the late 1990s. And the week that just ended showed how the economist’s … Read more