Juventus, the UEFA investigation begins: the Cups are at risk. Agnelli, prosecutor of Turin ask for indictment

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On the one hand the criminal investigation, on the other the Consob inspections. Speaking of which the sporting director Federico Cherubini (not investigated), in a conversation intercepted in July 2021, regarding the ease in the management of capital gains, he said: «Fortunately, in the light of recent visits, we stopped». That was enough to save … Read more

Juve, the documents of the Prisma investigation arrive at the Federal Prosecutor’s Office. From the fine to the risk of retrocession, what can happen

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It was 27 October when the Federal Prosecutor Giuseppe Chiné asked the public prosecutors of Turin to access the new documents on the Prisma investigation for which two days earlier the closure of the investigations for false accounting and false invoices against the top management of the Juventus. In recent days, the documentation has arrived … Read more

Depression at 50, with a test you can tell if you’re at risk, the all-Italian idea can be used online

Depression at 50 with a test you can tell if

Depression at 50: This age group and above are considered to be very at risk. The University of Ferrara and Bologna have devised a test. By answering a few questions, anonymously, you receive an evaluation and you can decide to go further with your doctor. InformationToday There depression it is a condition of disability that … Read more

Fitness, when to train to reduce the risk of heart attack

L’physical activity it is essential to keep our body healthy by reducing the risk of cardiovascular mortality. In addition to the intensity and frequency with which you train (for adults and the elderly 150-300 minutes at moderate intensity or 75-150 at vigorous intensity, according to WHO recommendations), it is also advisable to carefully evaluate the … Read more

Covid re-infection: increase the risk of death and future health problems. And every contagion is worse

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from Silvia Turin Taking Covid (still) hurts: twice as likely to die and 3 times more likely to end up in hospital in the following 6 months. Study on a group of US veterans. The vaccine also protects against reinfection The repeated infections from SARS-CoV-2 viruses can increase the risk of serious health problems (organ … Read more

Depression, here’s the test to find out if you’re at risk: answer these questions in 8 minutes

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Eight minutes. Or even less if you have a good connection. This is enough to have a personalized estimate of the risk of depression. With cloakIn fact, it is enough to answer very simple questions about yourself and your daily life to know in advance how close or far you are from the so-called dark … Read more

Antibiotic resistance: even newborns are at risk – Nostrofiglio.it

Antibiotic resistance even newborns are at risk Nostrofiglioit

The risk factors for human health are not represented only by diseases, but there is another threat that worries us in recent times and that is resistance to antibiotics. Antibiotics are used to prevent and treat bacterial infections. L’antibiotic resistance (AMR) is a phenomenon that occurs when bacteria become resistant to these drugs, i.e. they … Read more

Antibiotic resistance. Newborns are also at risk: 214,000 deaths from antimicrobial-resistant infections every year in the world

The figure was illustrated today by the Italian Society of Neonatology. About half of the pathogens causing severe neonatal infections are currently resistant to first- and second-line treatments recommended by the World Health Organization. The Sin president, Luigi Orfeo: “The picture that emerges is that of a reality in which the arsenal to fight microorganisms … Read more

Serious salmonella risk 🦠 in one of the foods most loved by children 👧🏻 the Ministry warns “It must not be consumed!” – Moms in the Kitchen

Serious salmonella risk in one of the foods most loved

The Salmonella risk has hit another of the products most loved by children. Open your fridge, dear mothers, and pay attention to what you have bought: the Ministry of Health has spoken clearly in its latest alert. When it comes to the health of our children, the apprehension of mothers will not love you too … Read more