Canon: the camera market ” has hit rock bottom ”, DSLRs will be produced as long as there is demand

Canon the camera market has hit rock bottom DSLRs

In mid-June it was announced that Nikon had finished producing two DSLR low-end (D3500 and D5600) while in July the same producer he had added that he would have focused exclusively on mirrorless gradually abandoning the reflex. The latter will in fact have a limited sales quota for the company as early as 2025. The … Read more

Yes, the 80s rock star is right: Maneskin sucks – Max Del Papa

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

There is a lesson that dummies should learn. Give proof of yourself first, then pose yourself. While the big business of vacuum does the opposite, it imposes mannequins, poseur who have nothing to say “and they have time left”. The philosophy of the current show is easy: take the money and disappear, grab as much … Read more

Porcupine Tree: «Rock has not been able to reinvent itself. The Maneskins? They are terrible, a poor copy of the past “

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

from Barbara Visentin Steven Wilson’s British group returned after 12 years with the album Closure / Continuation: The Music of Today TikTok. We can’t Today’s music TikTok, social content. How do you make music in 15 seconds? We can’t. In fact the songs of the Porcupine Tree, the cult British rock band back with the … Read more

LIVE Berrettini-Evans 6-3 6-3, ATP Queen’s 2022 LIVE: the blue is solid and overcomes the British rock! Possible derby in the 2nd round

CLICK HERE TO UPDATE LIVE LIVE THE CHRONICLE OF MATTEO BERRETTINI’S VICTORY 18.38 Thanks to everyone for following us and good evening. 18.36 Let’s take a look at the match statistics: 21 aces and 3 double fouls for the blue against 4 aces and 4 double fouls by Dan Evans. Very high percentages for the … Read more

Vasco Rossi sets Milan on fire: eighty thousand on the notes of a rock expected two years

It may be that the pandemic has eaten two years in one bite, but it seems that Milan is in a ferocious hurry to forge ahead to make up for lost time and interrupted happiness. Vasco Rossi gives the impression that he knows how much anticipation there is for this concert, originally scheduled for June … Read more

Cannes: Maneskin arrives, red carpet rock for Elvis – Cinema

Cannes Maneskin arrives red carpet rock for Elvis Cinema

It will be a Montee des Marches to the rhythm of rock ‘n roll on Wednesday 25 May. There is the world premiere of one of the most anticipated films of the Cannes 2022 festival, Elvis by Baz Luhrmann dedicated to the “real” Elvis Presley, as the trailer says, and to his relationship with the … Read more