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Im not dead misadventure for Cecilia Rodriguez what happened

After having made a great impression on the red carpet in Venice, where she conquered photographers with a look matched to that of her partner, Cecilia Rodriguez lets herself go to a somewhat poisonous outburst on social media. “Someone will think I’m dead“, Begins the Belen’s sister in a series of Instagram stories that show … Read more

Belen Rodriguez, the deadly disease that changed her life. “I’ve never said it in public”

Belen Rodriguez the deadly disease that changed her life Ive

Belen Rodriguez has decided to open her heart and tell a very private and personal episode, as well as terribly painful, of her life, she admits that she has never talked about it in public. One of the most famous and appreciated showgirls in our country is Belen Rodriguez, with her sympathy and her beauty … Read more

Belen Rodriguez jealous of Andrea Delogu? The reaction that leaves no doubt

Belen Rodriguez jealous of Andrea Delogu The reaction that leaves

Andrea Delogu and Stefano De Martino made sparks at TIM Summer Hits. It seems, however, that Belen Rodriguez is not a fan of her colleague nor does she appreciate her closeness to her former dancer and current partner. Belen Rodriguez she is a passionate woman and, by her own admission, quite jealous. The showgirl, after … Read more

Belen Rodriguez, the scoop: kicked out of ‘home’ by him? Great concern for her

Belen Rodriguez the scoop kicked out of home by him

Does the most beloved face on TV and social media say goodbye to him? But what happened, why did he kick her out? A thousand worries for Belen. Belen affranta – Nanopress.it There very famouswhich once again ended up on everyone’s lips because of his beautiful love story with the face of the jury of … Read more

Stefano De Martino at Le Iene: “Being normal is beautiful” and Belén Rodriguez reveals what she likes about him

Stefano De Martino at Le Iene Being normal is beautiful

Stefano De Martino was the guest of the last episode of Le Iene. The conductor gave a monologue on the importance of normality, as a way to achieve authentic and lasting happiness. Belén Rodriguez’s reaction and Teo Mammucari’s irony. Stefano De Martino he was a guest of the Italia1 program Hyenasso he found himself on … Read more