Farewell to Gina Lollobrigida, the funeral in Rome – Cultura & Spettacoli

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The “greatest legacy Gina has left is love…let us pray for her and let her rest in peace.” Thus Don Walter Insero, with a phrase that also seems to be a call to leave aside the controversies faced by the actress in recent years, concluded the homily at the funeral of Gina Lollobrigida, in the … Read more

Weekend in Rome: 10 events not to be missed on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th January

1673566971 Weekend in Rome 10 events not to be missed on

Mid-January weekend, Christmas decorations stored in the attic and everyone – young and old – back to routine. Resuming everyday life, with the fast pace of Roman life, we know, is not easy and, therefore, we all deserve a weekend of relaxation, culture and fun. We need it, because the holidays already seem too far … Read more

“The lady is dead.” Spits and blows to the doctor, a ward of the Sant’Andrea hospital in Rome is devastated

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Sant’Andrea Hospital: a patient admitted to the ward of Oncology he dies and his family lash out at doctors and nurses. It happened last January 3, first aggression of the new year in a hospital, the umpteenth that is consumed in the Roman structures where unions and doctors are once again sounding the alarm asking … Read more

Clashes on the A1, 4 ultras from Naples and Rome arrested. In the audio messages: “One had his arms and legs broken”

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The chief prosecutor of Arezzo: “We will make every effort to ensure that those responsible for these events are called to account for their actions”. Tomorrow, a speedy trial for the Giallorossi treated in the Arezzo emergency room, accused of aggravated brawl That’s 180 people. They were identified thanks to the license plates of the … Read more

Weekend in Rome: the 16 events not to be missed on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 January

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Weekend of January 7th and 8th, the one that binds to the Epiphany, offering one last long weekend of celebration, before returning to routine. Two days in which many Christmas events will come to an end, in which the large villages will greet the Romans making an appointment for next year, but also a Saturday … Read more

Rome, Friedkin changes the statute of the club and opens to other members (with stadium view)

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

The new Roma football, outside the Stock Exchange, presents itself as a “unique” in the world of Italian clubs, given that it will admit the presence of members with the “pedigree”. The extraordinary meeting of 18 October, held in the office of the notary Luca Amato of Rome, in the presence of Pietro Berardi, managing … Read more

Surprise Tahirovic: Mourinho can revolutionize Rome with him

Surprise Tahirovic Mourinho can revolutionize Rome with him

ROME – It wasn’t a bluff, it was a project: «Don’t be surprised if one day you will see Tahirovic in the titular formation”. Jose Mourinho had announced it and followed up on the idea. For now only in a friendly at the end of December, against Viterbo, but be careful: to make room for … Read more

The unveiled chess player challenges Iran. Rome summons the ambassador – World

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

The repression in Iran does not stop the protest movement which indeed gains a new protagonist: it is Sara Khadim al-Sharia, the chess champion who challenged the ayatollahs by playing at the World Cup in Kazakhstan without wearing the hijab, the obligatory veil. The photo of the 25-year-old girl in front of the chessboard with … Read more

Madame case, clash in the Democratic Party: Alessio D’Amato, the councilor candidate for the Regionals criticizes the Municipality of Rome

Madame case clash in the Democratic Party Alessio DAmato the

The Madame case does not subside: the outstretched intervention of the councilor Alessio D’Amato in view of the concert at the Circus Maximus for New Year’s Eve Posted on: 28-12-2022 10:52 PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST Professional journalist, I write about news, politics and the economy: I worked for La Repubblica, La Stampa, Sky, Il Manifesto, Ansa, Rai … Read more

Lavinia Abate is Miss Italy 2022: she is 18 years old, is from Rome and is in her last year of high school. “I’m a dreamer”

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

Of Joan Cavalli Lavinia Abate, the new Miss Italy, reached the final with the Miss Lazio sash. Runner-up, Carolina Vinci, Miss Sardinia and Miss Cinema. Third place for Virginia Cavalieri, Miss Emilia Romagna «I am a dreamer, yet inside me I did not believe it, I never imagined hearing my name, until the end I … Read more