Range Rover Velar: reasoned evolution

Range Rover Velar reasoned evolution

The large SUV Range Rover Velar (it is 480 cm long), in production since 2017, it is updated by introducing a series of aesthetic, technical and technological innovations. Already available for order, the list starts from 71,100 euros. From a stylistic point of view the Range Rover Velar does not change in substance. The most … Read more

Problems for the new Range Rover: safety at risk and “flopped” test – Mondofuoristrada.it

Problems for the new Range Rover safety at risk and

Bad news for the Land Rover brand which did not make a good impression during one of the most important tests to verify the safety of a car. The much heralded model did not do well at all. A car must be beautiful and perform well…but above all safe. This car despite the price, market … Read more

Jaguar Land Rover: Bolloré pays for the red light and the chip crisis

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

CHOKED BY CHIPS (WHICH ARE NOT THERE) – The decision was in the air and was formalized a few days ago: the CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, Thierry Bolloré, leaves the automaker after only two years in the role. The fifty-nine-year-old French manager will leave the Group on 31 December, officially for personal reasons, but … Read more

They went where no one had dared | The epochal failure of the “Australian Rover”

They went where no one had dared The epochal

For the section on cars you did not know, here is the sadly never-ending story of the sedan that was supposed to revolutionize a little-known market. Unfortunately, Australia was not ready to welcome it as it should. It is always interesting to take a look at those lesser-known automotive markets. Some time ago we explored … Read more

A “fossil spine” on Mars: the extraordinary shot of the Perseverance rover

A fossil spine on Mars the extraordinary shot of the

The SuperCAM of the Perseverance rover has immortalized a group of rocks that resembles the spinal column of a prehistoric animal. Here’s what it is. Credit: NASA / JPL – Caltech / LANL / CNES / IRAP / Kevin M. Gill The Perseverance rover of the NASA captured another extraordinary one image on Mars. In … Read more

New Range Rover Sport: a thousand adrenaline, skyrocketing emotions

He made his world premiere with record climbing, climbing the flooded stream of a giant dam. The dam is that of the Kárahnjúkar hydroelectric power plant, officially called Fljótsdalur Power Station, in the municipality of Fljótsdalshérað in eastern Iceland, designed to produce 4,600 gigawatt hours per year for Alcoa’s Fjarðaál aluminum smelter, 75 kilometers east … Read more

Land Rover teases us with a Teaser of the new Range Rover Sport 2023 | VIDEO

Land Rover teases us with a Teaser of the new

Land Rover launches the third generation of the Range Rover Sport 2023. It will be presented on 10 May next. And the result is spectacular. Seeing is believing! Land Rover new range – Motori.News The May 10, 2022in a little less than two weeks, there Range Rover announced that, in live streaming, at 20, there … Read more