Maneuver, how the rule works to renegotiate the mortgage from variable to fixed

Listen to the audio version of the article Savings-saving rule for mortgage loans in the government’s maxi-amendment to the end-of-year maneuver. With the amendment 58.0.1000, the government dusts off an old norm (decree 70/2021) moving the clock to 31 December 2023. With this forecast, it will be possible to renegotiate mortgage loans by moving from … Read more

Maneuver, the football-saving rule passes: debts spread for all Serie A teams. Vince Lotito, the State gives up almost a billion – Il Fatto Quotidiano

He won football. And its presidents, starting with Claudius lotthe senator-owner of Forza Italia who fought like a lion a Madame Palace and in the end he managed to convince the government despite the contrary opinion of not one, but two ministers (Abodi to sports, Giorgetti to the Economy) to insert an ad hoc provision … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today: USA in Zelensky, do not rule out negotiations with Putin. NYT: plan to evacuate Kiev in the event of a blackout

Ukraine Russia news from the war today USA in

The Biden administration is privately encouraging Ukrainian leaders to publicly signal an openness to negotiate with Russia and no longer declare that they refuse to participate in peace talks with President Vladimir Putin in power. The independent Russian media Verstka reported that on November 2 an entire battalion of Russian conscripts was eliminated by Ukrainian … Read more

Ukraine, the direct – Agreement on grain in crisis, Erdogan again mediator. Razov: “Men from Italy in Kiev? I don’t rule it out” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

1 Nov 2022 19:45 Kiev: “We do not have an effective defense for Iranian ballistic missiles” The Iranian ballistic missiles, which Russia intends to purchase from Iran, are likely to be located on Ukraine’s northern border. The spokesman of the Kiev Air Force said this during a briefing Yury Ignat, as reported by CNN. Warning … Read more

The threat of the Russian commander Surovikin: “We are under attack, we do not rule out difficult decisions” | Ukraine Russia, news on today’s war

The threat of the Russian commander Surovikin We are under

from Lorenzo Cremonesi, Andrea Nicastro, Marta Serafini, Paolo Foschi, Online Editor The news of Wednesday 19 October, live • The war in Ukraine has reached the 237th day. • Navalny, the Russian Supreme Court confirms the sentence to 9 years of imprisonment.• Moscow announces first advance in Kharkiv since September. • Kuleba to Zelensky: Let’s … Read more

Nicolas Vaporidis: “Reserved for paranoid levels. Opinionist in a reality show? I don’t rule it out “

Nicolas Vaporidis Reserved for paranoid levels Opinionist in a reality

News on the island of the famous 2022 The winner of the Isola dei Famosi 2022 in the editorial staff of “Happy to have done so, I showed the man beyond the actor”. Opinionist in a reality show now? “I don’t rule it out”. And finally he admits: “Edoardo gave me lightness. Lory Del … Read more

Excessive fine and withdrawal of the registration certificate if they stop you like this | In Italy there is no escape from this rule

Excessive fine and withdrawal of the registration certificate if they

It is a world famous phenomenon that we all know very well indeed. But have you ever wondered what tuning is and how it really works? Here is the answer you were looking for. We often hear about tuning related to cars and more. A very famous phenomenon but which often is not, however, who … Read more

The rule on building bonuses changes: the government’s choice on banks

The latest provisions included in the Aid decree (approved by the Council of Ministers of Mario Draghi at the beginning of May) provide for a change in the rules on transfers of building bonuses: it is a variation of direct interest thousands of businesses and companies throughout Italy, as well as a series of banking … Read more