Putin, Royal Navy escorts Russian frigate with hypersonic missiles: winds of war off the British coast

Putin Royal Navy escorts Russian frigate with hypersonic missiles winds

An English warship remotely “escorting” a Russian frigate armed with hypersonic missiles a few miles off the British coast. The photo, which in the mind of the Royal Navy supposedly intended to calm the public, it actually sends more than a few shivers down the spine. Because it is tangible proof that “war games” are … Read more

Ukraine, Russian siege of Soledar with the Wagner group. The Ukrainians: «We no longer count the dead»

La stangata dei mutui fino a 2000 euro lanno in

The Ministry of Defense of Moscow, quoted by the agency Ria NovostiRussian airborne troops surrounded Ukrainian forces in the Ukrainian town of Soledar, in the Donbass, and now they are allegedly being bombed. According to Moscow, the town would be blocked to the north and south. The “criticality” of the situation is confirmed by the … Read more

In Switzerland 200 billion of Russian deposits: can they be confiscated for the reconstruction of Ukraine?

In Switzerland 200 billion of Russian deposits can they be

Of Danilo Taino In Switzerland there must be about 150-200 billion euros belonging to Russians. Switzerland, neutral, concretely supports Kiev. But does war allow you to suspend the right to property? It could only be Switzerland that asked such an important question as property rights in the face of war in Ukraine. In the Confederation, … Read more

Ukraine, Russian raids after the truce. But Moscow blames Kiev – World

Ukraine Russian raids after the truce But Moscow blames Kiev

At noon Moscow time (10 am in Italy) the Christmas ceasefire in military operations in Ukraine announced by Russia officially entered into force, which will last until midnight (10 pm Italian) tomorrow. Moscow’s proposal for a 36-hour truce in Ukraine for Orthodox Christmas is “cynical” and is just Putin’s attempt to “gain a shot in … Read more

War, hypersonic missiles on the Russian frigate in the Mediterranean. Putin: “They have no equal in the world”

Featured Updates In Makiivka, the deputy regiment commander died 2023-01-04 13:07:38 Russian frigate with hypersonic missiles also in the Mediterranean The Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov, which left today for a mission in the Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Mediterranean, also has a Tsirkon hypersonic missile system on board. This was announced by … Read more

“Because the war between Russia and Ukraine will end in 2023”: the prediction of the Russian analyst

Because the war between Russia and Ukraine will end in

The massacre of the conscripts is “the fault of indiscipline” and unleashes “the hatred of warmongers and pacifists against Putin”. While Russia “is running out of capacity”. “We don’t produce enough ammunition.” And “after the big battle in February” there will be a ceasefire. The interview with the most authoritative military expert in Moscow. Turn … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Bombs on a Russian base in Donbass. Kiev: “400 soldiers killed”

Ukraine Russia war news today Bombs on a Russian

The Russian attacks on Ukrainian territory do not have a day of respite: dozens of drones suicide bombers were shot down by against ukrainebut Kiev’s armed forces retaliated by striking an air base near Melitopol, and a Ukrainian drone damaged an energy station in Russia’s Bryansk region, repeatedly hit in the past The war in … Read more

Zelensky: Most of the country without electricity after the latest Russian attacks | Ukraine Russia, the latest war news

Maldini Milan are not satisfied with a Scudetto the Champions

Of Marta Serafini sent to Kiev and Redazione Online The news of Friday 30 December, live. More than 120 Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian cities on Thursday, the increasingly serious energy emergency • The war in Ukraine reached the 309th day. • The city of Kherson under attack by Russian missiles, for this reason the … Read more

Russian missiles on Ukraine, cities in blackout – World

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

Rain of Russian missiles on Ukraine, explosions also reported in Kiev and in Lviv (in western Ukraine), which is far from the front line, in Kharkiv, (east), Odessa (south), Sumy (northeast). Energy infrastructure is also targeted, with cities experiencing power outages and water supply problems. Anti-aircraft defense responds to raids. Kiev reports that it has … Read more

War, Russian ships in the Mediterranean. De Carolis: “Maximum surveillance”

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

2022-12-28 17:00:06 Zelensky: Kiev has liberated more than 1,800 towns and villages Ukraine has managed to liberate more than 1,800 towns and villages from Russian occupiers. This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in his annual address to the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament). “We have already managed to liberate more than 1,800 Ukrainian towns and … Read more