Salami withdrawn from supermarkets due to Listeria and Salmonella alarm: recalled by the Ministry of Health

1675348825 Salami withdrawn from supermarkets due to Listeria and Salmonella alarm

Salami withdrawn from supermarket shelves due to the possible presence of Listeria and Salmonella: what are the risks and what to do in case of purchase Posted on: 02-02-2023 12:11 PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST Professional journalist, I write about news, politics and the economy: I worked for La Repubblica, La Stampa, Sky, Il Manifesto, Ansa, Rai and … Read more

Listeria, Sa.Mo soft salami: packaging recalled. The company: «Do not consume the product»

Listeria SaMo soft salami packaging recalled The company Do not

Alarm listeria. The Ministry of Health, through a notice published on its website, reported that packs of soft salami of the brand Sa.Mo srl for “detected presence of listeria monocytogenes”. The production batch affected by the recall dates from 10/27/22, produced in the Matelica (Macerata) plant. The producer warns that «the product must not be … Read more

Salami or mortadella? here’s what to choose in the summer for your health

Salami or mortadella heres what to choose in the summer

Better salami or mortadella? This is the summer doubt that grips Italians in this hot season of 2022. As they say, there is nothing better than having your favorite foods available at home. However, as most people know, great convenience leads to weight gain. In other words, if you want to follow a balanced diet, … Read more

Food alert: chocolate, water, salami. When food is poison – Chronicle –

From the chocolate towatercome on cured meat to the frankfurters passing through i corn flakes. Not forgetting fresh foods such as swordfish or precooked foods. To trigger safety warnings or recalls of food products by the Ministry of Health in addition to the non-conformity of the product with respect to what is declared by the … Read more