Salami withdrawn from supermarkets due to Listeria and Salmonella alarm: recalled by the Ministry of Health

1675348825 Salami withdrawn from supermarkets due to Listeria and Salmonella alarm

Salami withdrawn from supermarket shelves due to the possible presence of Listeria and Salmonella: what are the risks and what to do in case of purchase Posted on: 02-02-2023 12:11 PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST Professional journalist, I write about news, politics and the economy: I worked for La Repubblica, La Stampa, Sky, Il Manifesto, Ansa, Rai and … Read more

Food alert: Salame Milano withdrawn due to possible presence of salmonella, [ Marchio e Lotto ] – Daily post

Food alert Salame Milano withdrawn due to possible presence of

The Aldi distribution chain has released the recall note of the withdrawal from its shelves of a batch of Milan salami, branded ‘King’s chopping board, for the presence of Salmonellafound following the checks carried out in self-monitoring. We are talking about the 350 g Milano salami, sold in the whole wheel, marked with the production … Read more

Serious salmonella risk 🦠 in one of the foods most loved by children 👧🏻 the Ministry warns “It must not be consumed!” – Moms in the Kitchen

Serious salmonella risk in one of the foods most loved

The Salmonella risk has hit another of the products most loved by children. Open your fridge, dear mothers, and pay attention to what you have bought: the Ministry of Health has spoken clearly in its latest alert. When it comes to the health of our children, the apprehension of mothers will not love you too … Read more

Salmonella Enteriditis found in Chicken feces, do not eat these Egg Marks

Salmonella Enteriditis found in Chicken feces do not eat these

Some Egg Brands are involved in shelf recalls due to Salmonella contamination. Here are the Lots. This time the withdrawal it is not precautionary, because the Salmonella bacterium has been clearly identified by some analyses. InformationToday does not end thewave of foods that contain bacteria or foreign substances. The Ministry of Health has published new … Read more

Salmonella risk, the latest report from the Ministry: removed from the shelves

Salmonella risk the latest report from the Ministry removed from

The Ministry of Health has removed a product from the shelves due to a Salmonella alert not to be consumed. Salmonella alert – When we buy the products food for our dishes, we often pay attention to the expiry date and to all the excipients they contain in order to buy the healthiest and … Read more

Food alert, urgent recall for salmonella: bring it back to the supermarket

Food alert urgent recall for salmonella bring it back to

Despite the fact that European states comply with all the hygiene rules provided for by food law, there may be food warnings that cause consumers a lot of concern. Food alert – As in this case a few hours ago. In the past few hours, a product was immediately brought back: let’s find out … Read more

Salmonella alarm, a well-known brand product recalled by the Ministry: pay attention to these lots

Salmonella alarm a well known brand product recalled by the Ministry

Attention should always be paid to the indications of the Ministry of Health regarding batches of foods subject to the recall. And in the last few hours one has been published concerning a brand widely used in Italian homes Sometimes even the best known and most popular food brands may be interested by problems that … Read more

Salmonella, after Kinder other cases: the products reported

After the Kinder casewhich broke out in America and then arrived in Europe, other products spread and sold in the US market (but also purchasable in Italy) have been reported by the authorities for risk of salmonella. The recall began after an outbreak of infections occurred in several US counties, all cases related to the … Read more

Contaminated food, it’s all on our tables: products withdrawn for mercury, fumonisima, salmonella and listerine

Contaminated food its all on our tables products withdrawn for

In Italy there is a food alarm for some products that have been withdrawn from the shelves: they put the health of consumers at risk. According to the Ministry of Health, some food products have been withdrawn from supermarket shelves because they are “at chemical and microbiological risk”. It seems that the offending products had … Read more