Volantino Euronics “Raddoppia Saldi” e “Il Festival Degli Sconti” fino al 10 febbraio con iPhone 14 e Smart TV Samsung

Vezio Ceniccola del 26 gennaio 2023, 11:20, modifica il 27 gennaio 2023, 11:54 Partono oggi le nuove offerte speciali disponibili col volantino Euronics, che si moltiplica in tante edizioni diverse a seconda del punto vendita. Per la precisione, abbiamo le promozioni “Superasaldi” da Nova, “Sconti Pazzeschi” da CDS, “Il Festival degli Sconti” da DIMO, “Sconti … Read more

Samsung Galaxy serie S23: uscita, prezzo e caratteristiche

Dopo il successo della serie 22, Samsung si prepara a lanciare la nuovissima generazione Galaxy S23 a febbraio, introducendo tantissime novità e un miglioramento significativo delle performance sui vari modelli. Samsung Galaxy S23, prezzo e uscita Il Galaxy S23 Ultra potrebbe costare quanto il Galaxy S22 Ultra all’uscita: 1199,99€ come il suo predecessore, a meno … Read more

Samsung launches the new 2023 TV range at CES: QD-OLED up to 77″, MicroLED starting from 50″

Samsung launches the new 2023 TV range at CES QD OLED

Samsung presented at CES 2023 the new range of televisions that we will see debut on the market in the coming months and which is divided into three main product ranges: in fact, the development of the Neo QLED models with MiniLED technology continues, the second generation OLED based on to Quantum Dots of Samsung … Read more

The TIMVision app will no longer be supported on various TVs. Outside Samsung and LG also recent

The TIMVision app will no longer be supported on various

By loading the TIMVision app on their smart TVs, many users are reading these days a message notifying them of the end of service support on their TV as of December 31, 2022. The notice goes like this: “Dear Customer, at the end of December the TIMVision app will no longer be supported by … Read more

Samsung, unmissable discount on top smart TVs: bargain price

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Of smart TVs the market is now full. Just take a tour of any consumer electronics store or an e-commerce sector to find dozens and dozens of models in every price range. Such an abundance, however, more often than not complicates the choice and risks leading the buyer astray. Up Telegram we have opened two … Read more

Samsung, this 50″ smart TV is a must-buy now: it’s very cheap

Christmas is approaching and we need to start thinking what to give and especially what to treat yourself to in view of December 25th. And there are few gifts more suitable than a smart TV, especially if it is a top-of-the-range model recently launched on the market. If to this we also add the Christmas … Read more

Samsung, the top smart TV at a low cost price: an unmissable offer

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Never be deceived: when buying a smart TV, the price is just one of the factors to take into consideration at the time of purchase. Equally important – if not more – are the visual and listening experience that the device guarantees. Even if we are talking about a mid-range TV. On Telegram we have … Read more

The best of Black Friday Week: constantly updated list with LG OLED TVs, Samsung super SSDs, Low Cost PCs and tablets, Samsung special offers and much more

1669050341 The best of Black Friday Week constantly updated list with

Amazon Black Friday Week, let’s go! Here is our selection of best offers. For convenience, here are the links of the specific categories with all the products and not just a selection. All TVs on offer here. All super discounted floor cleaning robots here. All smartphones here. … Read more

Samsung, this is the smart TV to buy on Black Friday: exaggerated discount

Samsung this is the smart TV to buy on Black

There is probably no better moment than this. If you were going to change the TV in the house it is more than advisable – almost advisable – to do it now: thanks to the offers of Amazon Black Friday week the prices of smart TVs – of any manufacturer and any size – have … Read more

Samsung, this 55 ”smart TV costs very little: sensational discount

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

A sensational offer that anticipates the start of the offers of the Black Friday on Amazon (set for November 18, here a guide on how to follow the event without missing a single promo). What are we talking about? Of the offer that we find on the Samsung smart TV AU7190 available on the e-commerce … Read more