Record auction for Steve Jobs sandals: sold for over $ 218,000

Record auction for Steve Jobs sandals sold for over

Dating back to Apple’s early years, they were first sold in 2016 for “just” $ 2,750. Ex-partner Chrisann Brennan: “They were his uniform and allowed him to think creatively” Over $ 218,000 (almost 212 thousand euros, at current exchange rates) for a couple of sandals. Given the size of the figure, a purchase that in … Read more

Among the fashionable shoes, these are the trendy sandals that cannot be missing in the shoe cabinet this summer

In this season between spring and summer you never know which shoes to use. Sneakers, even breathable ones, make our feet sweat. The dancers or moccasins, although more practical, are the cause of annoying blisters. The solution to our problems, therefore, are sandals, comfortable and fresh, ideal when the warm season begins. But the models … Read more

They are super comfortable and do not show your toes these trendy sandals that stretch the legs

The first warm days have already arrived and many of us try to dress in a cool and comfortable way. For many, the season of open shoes and beach dresses has already begun. In some cases, however, we are not allowed to dress too low-cut and with sandals for dress code reasons. In some works, … Read more

Let’s forget the classic sandals because the most fashionable shoes of summer 2022 will be comfortable and without vertiginous heels, perfect even at 60 years old

A breath of summer comes directly from these first hot days in late May. With the summer just around the corner, we abandon boots and ankle boots and run to stock up on lighter shoes that free our feet. In this regard, we remind you that foot care must be meticulous in this period. Especially … Read more