What happens if you fall asleep while driving? This car saves your life | The video is impressive – QuattroMania.it

What happens if you fall asleep while driving This car

Lately, the very famous cars of the South African entrepreneur Elon Musk have rained a lot of criticism relating to the safety of the autopilot. Are they deserved? See what a Tesla can do all by itself … Fall asleep is one of the most feared eventualities by any motorist who travels long after sunset … Read more

“My dog ​​does not walk well, he must be killed”, but the vet saves and adopts the puppy

My dog ​​does not walk well he must be killed

Bella was only six weeks old, but she risked it might be her only six weeks to live. Yes, because the owner of her dog, a puppy to be precise, no longer wanted her: «she doesn’t walk well». This is the reason given to the veterinarian in justifying the request to cancel it. She actually … Read more

Dear gas, Germany saves another large importer. First insolvencies among medium-sized companies throttled by price increases – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Dear gas Germany saves another large importer First insolvencies among

After Uniper also the Leipzig gas importer Verbundnetzgas (Vng), a subsidiary of EnBWsubmits to the Ministry of Economy an application for state aid “To ward off further damage and ensure capacity for action “. It is the third largest gas importer in Germany and employs around 1,500 people. In 2021 it had a turnover of … Read more

Putin saves himself from sanctions with a new gas pipeline that will arrive in China

War in Ukraine where are we armies blocked south disputed

Russia turns its gaze to Asia in search of new markets to replace those lost due to Western sanctions. Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin knows he can count on two Asian giants, China and India, to revive the Russian economy. The perfect occasion for Moscow was the annual event of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostock, … Read more

Lecce-Inter 1-2, the report cards: Falcone portacinesca, Lukaku is always him. Dumfries saves Inzaghi – TUTTOmercatoWEB.com

West Nile in Italia 94 casi e 7 morti Forte

Lecce 1-2 Inter2 ‘Lukaku (I), 3’ st Ceesay (L), 49 ‘st Dumfries (I) LECCE (edited by Lorenzo Carini)Falcone 7 – Unable to avoid Lukaku’s opening goal, he repeatedly closes the gate to opposing attackers in the final stages before undergoing a cold shower in full recovery with Dumfries’ winning tap-in. Gendrey 6 – Gosens does … Read more

Air conditioner, this is the right temperature: it saves you a fortune on your bill

Air conditioner this is the right temperature it saves you

There is nothing to do: in summer with this heat only the air conditioner can save us. But then the bill sings and then what is the right temperature to save money? Here it is, not everyone knows it. Conditioner – Nanopress.it In summer the air conditioner becomes man’s best friend: it is the only … Read more

The study that saves petrol cars from extinction

There is a study that can save them petrol car from extinction: it was created by Demuynck, Mendoza Villafuerte, Bosteels, Pannwitz, Tietze, Sens, Williams, Bouet and Chaillou, a group of high-level researchers who have dedicated themselves to the development of solutions to reduce CO2 emissions. The study was presented at theInternational Vienna Motor Symposium of … Read more

Maignan saves, Rabiot scores but France no longer wins. Denmark goes to Austria

Deschamps’ team makes 1-1 with Croatia: first points for both teams after the debut defeat. The Danes win 2-1 at the Prater and lead with full points. Peer of Reja’s Albania Not even the ninth is good. In fact, the curse of Croatia continues, which has never beaten France in previous officials. This time, on … Read more

Cerebral stroke: discovering these symptoms in time saves life, the time factor is fundamental

Cerebral stroke discovering these symptoms in time saves life the

Knowing how to recognize the symptoms of Cerebral Stroke in time is the only way to save as much as possible from the consequences. It’s the same Ministry of Health who has published a series of guidelines. Intended not only for doctors but also for people. Knowing the disease and above all the first signs … Read more