Smartphone, delete these applications immediately: all your savings are in danger

Smartphone delete these applications immediately all your savings are in

Be careful with these apps, your phone may be infected and you don’t know it. Viruses masquerading as applications from the Play Store have been identified, scammed millions of users. Recently the well-known company of cyber safety McAfee has individualized 16 app dangerous from Play store. Behind the facade from applications innocent there are hidden … Read more

From bills to savings cards, all the bonuses financed by the manoeuvre

Listen to the audio version of the article The texts of the budget law for 2023 approved by the Council of Ministers on 21 November and illustrated the day after by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Here are the main bonuses and concessions planned for this year. Bill bonus, Isee threshold at 15 thousand euros The … Read more

Incredible how much is the new interest on the postal savings book for those with cash

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We will all remember 2022 for a thousand different reasons. From the war to the high bills, from skyrocketing inflation to scorching heat, up to the re-explosion of yields on fixed income. A speech that interested so much i deposit accounts (especially the restricted ones), as well as government bonds and postal savings products. On … Read more

Boiler bonus of € 1500 coming up, the application expires on October 15th: huge savings

1664755678 Boiler bonus of E 1500 coming up the application

The 1500 euro boiler bonus is active and applications must be received no later than October 15th. Here’s how to save. Boiler bonus – It will be a long winter hard and difficult for all Italian families and the bonuses provided by the Government will certainly be an excellent way to save properly. To … Read more

Homemade savings: the alternative to the boiler against expensive bills

Homemade savings the alternative to the boiler against expensive bills

The geothermal heat pump boiler represents an ideal compromise for long-term savings. But with an essential constraint. It is not the first time that we find ourselves facing moments of high cost of living. Never like this time, however, it is a sum of factors that make the difference. Imposing a serious reflection on the … Read more

What are the types of balcony solar panels, the costs and the real actual savings

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The balcony solar panel is one increasingly widespread solution between apartment owners and tenants, also thanks to the facilitated procedure. The progressive increase in the electricity bill is a very felt concern, especially in this period. The purchase price of kWh increases every year, leading to ever higher electricity bills. The photovoltaic panel for apartments … Read more

Does the pellet cost too much? Let’s find out the alternatives for real savings

Does the pellet cost too much Lets find out the

The price of the pellets annoys consumers who prefer to look for alternatives that guarantee real savings. The rush to buy pellet stoves is experiencing a drastic slowdown. Are there valid alternatives? Adobe Stock After the increase in the price of gas following the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and the consequences of the … Read more