From a black hole a jet of radiation towards the Earth VIDEO – Science & Technology

PHOTO In the background the star devoured by a supermassive black hole (source: ESO/M. Kornmesser) © ANSA/Ansa The farthest black hole ever caught feasting has been identified: it is 8.5 billion light-years from us and, in the heat of devouring its stellar meal, it has emitted an unusual jet of radiation directed towards the Earth. … Read more

Red wine and cures for Alzheimer’s, what science has discovered about this ‘odd couple’

Red wine and cures for Alzheimers what science has discovered

They have been saying for years that a glass of red wine a day is good for you: but what does it have to do with treatments for Alzheimer’s? Here are the revelations of a new study. The Wine it is a drink that if drunk in moderation it is good for health, and Research … Read more

Less time in the gym and same results: here’s how it’s possible (according to science)

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

from Christine Brown Varying the type of muscle contraction with emphasis on lowering weight (eccentric phase) more effective on increasing muscle strength and size Good news for those who have little time to go to the gym. According to a group of Japanese and Australian scientists cutting weight training times in half would lead to … Read more

Discovery of a second source of the ‘ghosts’ of the universe – Science & Technology

PHOTO Artist’s impression of the galaxy Messier 77 (source: Jack Pairin, IceCube / NSF) © ANSA / Ansa From the ice of the South Pole, the international IceCube experiment has intercepted a new source of the ‘ghosts’ of the universe, cosmic neutrinos: it is Messier 77 (also known as NGC 1068), one of the most … Read more

Covid, the surgeon’s choice after the reintegration of no-vax colleagues: “Humiliation for those who followed the rules and science, I resign” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Covid the surgeons choice after the reintegration of no vax colleagues

Right now he is in Kosovoin the NATO base. Vincenzo Carrozza he is a surgeon and when he can he asks for leave to go to war zones. In the past few months he has also been in Ukraine to rescue and treat wounded soldiers. Originally from LocriCarrozza has lived in Chivasso for years: he … Read more

Exercises with weights: because they are good for us according to science

Palermo no longer knows how to win with the Cittadella

According to a new study, weight training is not only good for your muscles but also makes you more long-lived … Eugenio Spagnuolo October 31st – Milan There are those who love them and those who prefer to keep away from them. But avoiding weights in the gym altogether could be a mistake: strength training … Read more

Video games, the verdict of science is shocking: “Mental health problems” | Parents on alert –

Video games the verdict of science is shocking Mental health

Spending hours in front of the console hurts! Science intervenes to deny. The results of the correlation between video games and cognitive abilities shocks everyone. Video games have always suffered demonization from parents, worried about seeing their children spend many hours in front of the console. Often mothers and fathers blame or blame their children’s … Read more

The Sun gives a show, the photos of the partial eclipse – Science & Technique

The partial solar eclipse reached its peak about an hour after its start: from Italy the darkening of the solar disk varied from 22% to 29%, with the Regions of Friuli and Veneto privileged compared to Sicily and Sardinia. The exact moment of maximum darkening was also slightly different depending on the location from which … Read more

AstroSamantha, a unique climate of collaboration on the Space Station VIDEO – Science & Technology

“Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to have flown twice, it was a privilege“. So did astronaut Samantha Cristoforettiof the European Space Agency (ESA), in the press conference organized by the ESA astronaut training center in Cologne (Germany) in which it tells journalists about its 170 days in orbit. A unique climate of … Read more