Motorcycle and scooter bonus 2022, questions still open: how to spend it?

Motorcycle and scooter bonus 2022 questions still open how to

Home » News » Motorcycle and scooter bonus 2022, questions still open: how to spend it? There are still funds for the bonus recognized for the purchase of electric motorcycles and scooters, which can reach up to 4,000 euros in the event of the scrapping of a vehicle belonging to the same category. Let’s see … Read more

Lidl’s new electric scooter at a bargain price! – Stop&Go

Lidls new electric scooter at a bargain price StopGo

To celebrate Black Friday, Lidl strikes hard with a stylish electric scooter sold at a very low price. A deal! Black Friday is today! For the occasion, Lidl is selling a splendid electric scooter at a reduced price. Don’t hesitate to fall in love with this two-wheeled machine that will take you everywhere! The new … Read more

From China comes the scooter with the accessories of a car: when it will arrive in Italy and the price

From China comes the scooter with the accessories of a

The scooter market is constantly expanding and the model that could revolutionize it is coming from China: will it arrive in Italy? The need to reduce CO2 emissions in cities and in the environment in general also entails the need to make different types of choices for daily mobility. The automotive sector is focusing strongly … Read more

The Gladiator show with a scooter: Russell Crowe’s tour in Rome with his girlfriend Britney Theriot

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

from Paolo Conti The actor’s video, from the Pincio to the Trevi Fountain. To cinema studentstold the debut in a fiction at 6 years thanks to his mother Russell Crowe in Rome in 2022: second time in October, after the first in July. Ridley Scott’s former Gladiator, now one step away from the physical size … Read more

New Piaggio Mp3, the test of the technological scooter

Direct Ukrainian war Russians leave Snake Island The president of

After 16 years of honored career, the first three-wheeled scooter is renewed, in style, mechanics and increasingly advanced technological contents, it is the first to have Aras devices for driving assistance. The new 530 cc engine with ride by wire and cruise control is also making its debut and is at the top of the … Read more

Xiaomi Book S, Smart Band 7, TV and Scooter 4 Pro: with the economic crisis, even Xiaomi loses the magic touch

Xiaomi Book S Smart Band 7 TV and Scooter 4

This morning Xiaomi announced four new products of its ecosystem in Paris. No smartphone, not even the Xiaomi 12 Ultra that everyone was waiting for: it exists, but probably with the times that run and production problems due to factories down for covid, the company thought it was better to wait a bit. There … Read more

Xiaomi Book S 12.4 “, Xiaomi Smart Band 7, Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro and the new Xiaomi TV A2 series are now official in Italy! – Andrea Galeazzi

Xiaomi Book S 124 Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Xiaomi

Could Xiaomi present the first laptop in Italy and stop there? Absolutely no! Today, in addition to the 2in1, the Smart Band 7 arrives, a new series of televisions and the Electric Scooter 4 Pro! Xiaomi Book S 12.4 “ Productivity and versatility. So Xiaomi begins about Book S 12.4 ″the first laptop 2 in … Read more

Cesare Cremonini, assault on the Euganeo stadium. Fans in shuttle and scooter, complaints about prices: beer for 7 and sandwich for 8 euros

Cesare Cremonini assault on the Euganeo stadium Fans in

PADUA – After two years of pandemic Padua held up well yesterday the assault of 40 thousand fans from Cesare Cremonini arrived from half of Italy for the date in the Northeast of the Cremonini Stadi 2022 tour. Despite the very hot day everything went smoothly, also because most of the audience arrived at the … Read more

Unieuro: buy a promotional product, a Teklio bike or scooter as a gift

Unieuro buy a promotional product a Teklio bike or scooter

“Only Unieuro can give you a gift like this“. This is how the latest Unieuro idea is called: by purchasing one of the selected products on offer, you receive in gift 1 Fat Bike or 1 electric scooter Teklio with contribution of 79 €. The initiative is active from today and you have time to … Read more

New Piaggio MP3, the first scooter with driving assistance systems

He created the three-wheeler segment, was the first to fit ABS, and today takes technology to a level never seen before for a scooter. It was 2006 when the Piaggio Mp3 was born from a brilliant idea. First received with suspicion like all breaking news, it was then a great commercial success that depopulated in … Read more