Qatar 2022, web controversy over Adani’s exultation at Argentina’s victory: “Caveman screams”

Qatar 2022 web controversy over Adanis exultation at Argentinas victory

After minutes of tension and uncertainty, Argentina succeeded yesterday to snatch victory in the match against Mexico a Qatar 2022. The goal by Lionel Messi, with a left from the edge managed to slip into the corner to the left of Ochoa. A move that has understandably exploded the irrepressible enthusiasm of the fans of … Read more

Doctor attacked at the Iov, the witness: “I heard the screams, then I saw the old man mute and immobile”

PADUA – «It kept me on the adrenaline. A health care worker must not be afraid of these things ». Thus an employee of the Iov on the tragic stabbing of the doctor of pain relief, a fact that has left everyone, staff and patients, shocked. “Of course, the cold blood helped me a lot … Read more

Perugia, insults and screams against the trainees in the ward: storm on the director of Neurology

Kate Middleton costretta a un nuovo incarico sta per crollare

from Andrea Pasqualetto The Als association of young doctors denounces the harassment of the teacher. The students of the School hand over an audio and a diary: «Aggressive and persecutory attitude and climate of terror». Some have dropped out. The Rector: “I’m surprised” «Deficient … stupid … piece of m … There would have been … Read more

Delia Duran, ‘Screams Throughout the Night’: Party Ruined | It ends in tragedy

Delia Duran Screams Throughout the Night Party Ruined It

Delia Duran: ‘Scream during the night’, completely ruined party. It all ends in tragedy. What’s happened? The details about it. Delia Duran – Beautiful model and actress, Delia Duran is constantly at the center of the media buzz because of his private life and his ideas organized with his life partner, the interpreter of … Read more