“Pregliasco has interests in the private sector”. Doctors slap Majorino

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

A slap to the optimism of the candidate for the presidency of the Lombardy region for the center-left Pierfrancesco Majorino comes from the not very reassuring low approval rating recorded by what he considered the “spearhead” of his deployment, namely the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco. The rejection Not only that, given that the dem exponent had … Read more

Usa: +235,000 private sector jobs in December, above expectations

Listen to the audio version of the article US private sector employment rose more than expected in December. According to the monthly report prepared by Automatic Data Processing (Adp), the agency that deals with payroll preparation, 235,000 jobs were created last month compared to November, while forecasts were for the creation of 153,000 work. Wages … Read more

Artificial intelligence, speaks the Italian that is conquering the sector: «The control and the leap remain with human beings»

Artificial intelligence speaks the Italian that is conquering the sector

Albert Rizzoli was born in Rome, 29 years ago. He lives in London and has been CEO of since 2018 V7an AI company that recently got its own second loan of venture capital: 33 million dollars. “They should give us room to grow the company over the next two years,” he explains open – «I … Read more

Nine executives and former executives of the Umbrian health sector sentenced to compensation of 5.5 million for seriously deficient and inefficient procurement procedures

by Fernanda Fraioli The Court of Auditors, Jurisdictional Section for Umbria. sentenced nine managers and former managers of the regional health system to compensation of 5.5 million euros for having followed the procedures for the procurement of goods and services, which were seriously deficient and inefficient, which caused damage to the coffers of the ASL … Read more

Is it still worth buying cryptocurrencies with the sector in crisis?

With the collapse of one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, FTX, many investors are wondering about the distinct of the decentralized sector. It is difficult at the moment to be able to glimpse a glimmer of light from the tunnel of disasters that have characterized DeFi in recent months. After the Luna case, the … Read more

Remuzzi: “Those who are no-vax should not operate in the health sector”

Paris Berlin clash in the EU on price cap and Sure

from Laura Cuppini The analysis of the director of the Mario Negri Institute: “Masks in the ward and in RSA should always be worn, even without a pandemic” “Politicians shouldn’t follow science, but listen to it carefully, and then make decisions. And the task of scientists is to tell things as they are ». Giuseppe … Read more

Region, stop the chaos: crackdown in the Accreditation sector of the Health Department

Guerra in Ucraina gli Usa stanziano altri 11 miliardi pensando

CATANZARO Crackdown in the Authorization and Accreditation sector of the Region’s Health Protection Department. A decree approved in recent days by the dg of the Department Iole Fantozzi tries to put a point on one of the departmental segments that have long been suffering due to the high number of suspended and now obsolete files … Read more

General medicine, the sector complains of a covid scenario never seen before • TAG24

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

With the new wave of covid-19 now full-blown, general medicine takes the floor and begins to tell its point of view on an unprecedented pandemic scenario. Today on FimmgNotizie: Pierino Di Silverio elected National Secretary of Anaao Assomed. Silvestro Scotti: «A deserved result. Sharing intentions with him »- Click here to read the full edition … Read more

Health sector. Nursing Up: “Contract closing towards the final stages”

The union: “The draft contract focuses on the enhancement of the system of assignments, and provides assistance to ARAN and OOSS, for a possible enhancement of the health personnel. On the ancillary treatment, the committee’s choice was to pass the baton to healthcare companies and to supplementary bargaining “ 08 JUNE – “The long-awaited is … Read more

Salmonella: new contaminated products, stop a sector

There are new food recalls affecting the risk salmonella. After the many cases reported close to Easter and which involved Ferrero and the famous Kinder eggs, another chocolate-based product is in the sights. But not only. Health authorities have banned an activity in a large area for the discovery of bacteria in the fish. Let’s … Read more