Placebo patch, the bitter illusion of having up-to-date and secure smartphones

Placebo patch the bitter illusion of having up to date and secure

Users have been asking for frequent updates for years, especially regarding security. Many manufacturers have begun to listen to the requests, and have even extended the period during which they promise to release security patches to 4/5 years. There is, however, a problem: the patches that are released would contain only part of the updates … Read more

Milan, between the championship race and the change of ownership: the first step is to secure Leao

The new Leao is enclosed in an emoji, that of the surfer. Sometimes he misses the wave, then he returns to the table and is ready to have fun again, as explained in the interview given to Dazn at the beginning of March: “I think it’s the right way to think. You can try and … Read more