New Citroen C4 2022-2023, all the advantages of an SUV and a sedan combined in one car

New Citroen C4 2022 2023 all the advantages of an SUV

Citroen C4 2022-2023 changes and renews itself. It is based on a atypical suv coupe design and a generous interior space that make it look like a sedan. As a good Citroen, comfort is one of its strengths. The French automaker chooses to go through a very different design from the previous version that disappeared … Read more

First test drive in Italy for the hydrogen sedan

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

It took place on 23 September, at the ENEA Casaccia Research Centera few kilometers from the capital, the Toyota Mirai’s first Italian test drive, the revolutionary hydrogen sedan launched by the Japanese company eight years ago and now in its second generation. The National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development has for … Read more

New Renault 4ever 2022-2023, the legendary sedan returns as the latest generation compact SUV

The lawyer Zuin and the bursts of scams in the

The European Patent Office took care of providing a series of information on Renault 4ever 2022-2023. The modern successor of the Renault 4 will be called 4ever, while the Renault 5 EV will be another of the big news. Both the Renault 4ever and the 5 will use the CMF-B platform in its electric vehicle … Read more

The super sedan with solar panels that travels 700 km

That theautonomy is one of the factors that has prevented, at least up to now, a more rapid and full-bodied diffusion of electric cars it is well known. The battery packs mounted on full electric vehicles generally guarantee tens of kilometers less with a single charge, thus discouraging those who use the car for long … Read more

Lancia, three cars on the program: utility car, crossover and sedan

In 2024 the new Ypsilon, in 2026 the crossover that up to now has been provisionally called Aurelia and in 2028 the Delta. Also from 2028 Lancia will only sell electric cars. The return of the brand is expected in some European markets Alessandro Conti @ alpha_conti 20 May 2022 | 17:52 (edited May 20, … Read more

Alfa Romeo, the next Giulia may no longer be a sedan

The phase of profound transformation that the entire automotive sector is experiencing, it is leading numerous manufacturers to reconsider what, until recently, were consolidated certainties. And, from the effects of this revolution, not even the most iconic brands escape. It is the case of Alfa Romeo, which after the new hybrid Tonale is preparing to … Read more