Basketball, Serie A playoffs: Bologna and Milan fly to the semifinals, Tortona rings

In race-3 Virtus and Olimpia respect the predictions and close the series of the quarter-finals, both 3-0. The Piedmontese conquer the field of Venice and lead to 2-1 In the semifinals of the Serie A basketball playoffs there will be Bologna and Milan. The two favorites for the title easily regulate their opponents and close … Read more

Virtus and Milan in the semifinals. Daum lights up, Tortona breaks through Venice

Match 3 of the quarter-finals: Bologna and Olimpia break through the fields of Pesaro and Reggio Emilia and end the series 3-0. Shot of the Piedmontese who now have the match point, Reyer betrayed by her attack. Friday Sassari-Brescia First verdicts from the 3-game of the basketball quarter-finals. Virtus Bologna in the semifinals, in Corso … Read more

Bianchi knocks out Perugia in extra time, Brescia in the semifinals

Corini’s men win 3-2 and will face Monza in the double challenge scheduled for 18 and 22 May Brescia suffers against Perugia and after one hundred and twenty minutes of balance they win 3-2 and conquer the playoff semifinals thanks to Bianchi, who entered in the 105th minute and protagonist with assists and goals for … Read more

Playoff Serie C, the pairing of the semifinals and the final

Playoff Serie C the pairing of the semifinals and the

TMW / After the draws of the second national playoff round, the combinations and the order of development for the semifinals (first leg Wednesday 25 May, return Sunday 29 May), and final (first leg Sunday 5 June, return Sunday 12 June) were also drawn: we remind you that if there is a tie in … Read more

FRIENDS 21 EVENING 2022, SEMIFINALS / Direct, finalists Sissi and Michele. Dario in crisis

Amici 2022 evening ed.21 direct semifinal episode 7 May 2022 “You don’t grow up just doing compliments!”blurts out the Celentano after seeing Dario at work, the protagonist of a performance not up to par. Also there Peparini ignites and does not send them to tell the colleague, triggering yet another controversy of the episode. Tones … Read more

Advances Evening Friends 2022 finalists: the names and the eliminated in the semifinals

Advances Evening Friends 2022 finalists the names and the eliminated

Friends Today the semifinal was recorded: seven competitors and five places for the last episode, who will be there to fight for the victory? Published on May 4, 2022 Who are the finalists of the Evening of Amici 2022? There should be no last-minute surprises on the number of finalists this time around, like last … Read more