Mondiali: vincono Svizzera e Portogallo. Brasile batte Serbia 2-0

Mondiali vincono Svizzera e Portogallo Brasile batte Serbia 2 0

Quinta giornata di partite. Quattro le sfide di oggi: nella prima gli elvetici hanno battuto il Camerun. Uruguay e Corea del Sud è finita 0-0. Portogallo-Ghana invece si è conclusa 3-2. Nell’ultimo match di giornata i brasiliani battono i serbi  1 nuovo post Prosegue la fase a gironi dei Mondiali di calcio in Qatar. Oggi è … Read more

Serbia, troops on the border with Kosovo: NATO fears a new conflict. Here’s what happens

Kate Middleton costretta a un nuovo incarico sta per crollare

It is once again a video to tell what is happening between the Serbia and the Kosovo. A video shows Serbian troops deployed on the border with Kosovo, as tensions between the two countries rise due to the new restrictions imposed on the Serbian population by the government of Pristina. Footage released Tuesday by local … Read more

Vlahovic scores, Kostic invents: Serbia is promoted. Morata takes Spain to the Finals

Gemelli tirate fuori gli artigli loroscopo di domani giovedi 22

TURIN – It’s party for Serbia And Spain: with Vlahovic And Kostic Drivers, one author of the goal and the other of the assist of the advantage, Stojkovic’s national team won 2-0 against Norwaysurpasses it in the rankings and gets the promotion in Nations League A. He also smiles Moratawhich thanks to the 1-0 away … Read more

Mario Rui and Leao illuminate, Portugal is super. Poker Serbia, Spain knocked out

Mario Rui and Leao illuminate Portugal is super Poker Serbia

In the fifth round of Nations League the Portugal takes the top of Group 2 in League A by beating with a clear 4-0 Republic Czech and taking advantage of the defeat of the Spain with the Swiss for 2-1. In League B net poker of the Serbia from Milinkovic–Savic And Vlahovic that hooks Norway … Read more

Russian attack on Severodonetsk, Lavrov’s visit to Serbia canceled

AGI – Zelensky visits the troops in Zaporizhzhia. Putin, ready to strike if they have long-range missiles. The president to the soldiers: “I want to thank you for your great work”. The Russian leader threatens raids on the structures spared so far. The Ukrainian governor of Lugansk announces the success of the counter-offensive. Kiev to … Read more