Eros Ramazzotti launches his “Infinite Beat” from Seville: “Music is my life”

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In the full-bodied lineup of twenty-five songs Eros Ramazzotti has included seven of the new songs, opening the concert with the title track and the two singles that anticipated the album, “ Loves ” And “ I’m “. But it is “ Infinite beat “the manifesto song of this album. For several reasons. First of … Read more

Eros Ramazzotti, new album presented in Seville. “Laura was right not to sing” Bella Ciao “”

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

from Andrea Laffranchi, sent to Seville The singer-songwriter live with the songs of «Battito infinito» in the first of 10 previews of the tour «My name is Eros, I come from Cinecittà, I am not 20 years old but I like music very much and I think I will die on stage because this is … Read more

Lazio transfer market, Luis Alberto out dreams of Seville

Lazio transfer market Luis Alberto out dreams of Seville

SENT TO FORMELLO – Two exclusions from the starting block with Genoa and Qatar. New year, old stories. The Luis Alberto case re-explodes. He has to sweat for the starting position. He shows impatience. And yesterday, here’s the news, he didn’t show up in Formello for the resumption of training. Lazio played down. “Everything is … Read more