New Fiat Fastback Abarth on the way? Dream Shapes (VIDEO)

New Fiat Fastback Abarth on the way Dream Shapes VIDEO

The Fiat Fastback has only recently been available on the market, and there are already those who are thinking of a version of the Abarth. Let’s discover its future forms. The bond between Fiat and Abarth is strengthened, the company specialized in tuning which was founded in 1949. In recent days, everyone has focused on … Read more

Charlene of Monaco at the gala: priceless pink diamond and suspicious shapes

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

Charlene of Monaco surprisingly returned to public alongside her husband Alberto for the Princess Grace Awards gala held in New York. The Princess appeared smiling but she raised some perplexity about her extra large dress, signed Terrence Bray, so shapeless that it seems to want to hide something. While she wore it for the first … Read more

5 look ideas that enhance shapes even at 50, to be radiant and not always dress the same

Sometimes we think that a well-groomed look can be too flashy for our age. But dressing with elegance and refinement shouldn’t be a prerogative only of thirty or forty year olds. Even after the age of 50 we can show off classy garments without risking falling into the monotony of the usual looks. It’s not … Read more

Aida Yespica, the yellow dress enhances the screaming shapes: what a show

Aida Yespica the yellow dress enhances the screaming shapes what

Aida Yespica has made all the great dreams of Italians come true, thanks to appearances on TV and on social networks that are truly breathtaking. It is not at all easy for a girl who comes from abroad to be able to show off in Italy, a nation that was certainly among the best in … Read more