USA: Police shoot and kill African American in wheelchair – World

Brazil Bolsonaro investigation requested for attempted coup World

Shock in California, where an African American with amputated legs and in a wheelchair was brutally killed by the police, rekindling the controversy over the excessive use of force by the agents a few weeks after the death of Tire Nichols in Memphis. Anthony Lowe, 36, was shot dead in Huntington Park near Los Angeles … Read more

Iran, the story of doctors from hospitals: “They shoot eyes to brand a generation”

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from Greta Privitera Iranian doctors: “In three hospitals in the capital, 500 protesters risk losing their sight.” Between sexual violence and brutality, the Iranian resistance does not step back The bandage, the bloodied face, but above all his words: ¬ęThe last thing my right eye saw was a guard who shoots me in the face … Read more

First execution in Iran since protests began. Guardian: “Police shoot women in the face, chest and genitals” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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Not only the repression of the security forces and the killings during the street clashes, from today also the executioner start hitting the anti-government demonstrations going on in Iran for more than 2 months, triggered by the death of the 22-year-old Mahsa Aminithe young woman who died while in the custody of moral police that … Read more

Iran, police shoot protesters commemorating Mahsa 40 days after death

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from Foreign editorial staff At least 10,000 people defied the regime’s bans and walked to the young woman’s grave 40 days after her death Law enforcement officers opened fire and used tear gas to disperse protesters who had gathered in Saqqez, Iranian Kurdistan, to commemorate Mahsa Amini 40 days after her death, during an arrest … Read more

Biden: “Meeting with Putin at the G20? To be decided”. Uses stock up on anti-radiation drugs. Filorusso: “Shoigu should shoot himself” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Biden Meeting with Putin at the G20 To be decided

6 Oct 2022 22:45 Kiev: “At the moment there are seven casualties caused by the Russian missile attack on Zaporizhzhia” The number of victims caused by the Russian missile attack on Zaporizhzhia has risen to seven. Five people are still missing. This was announced by Governor Oleksandr Starukh on Telegram. “Currently, the analysis of the … Read more

Luca Barbarossa: “I didn’t make it to the end of the month, but I refused to shoot” Un medico in famiglia “”

War in Ukraine where are we armies blocked south disputed

Music and whores. These are the ingredients that Renzo Arbore advised a Luca Barbarossatwelve years ago, for the success of the first season of Radio2 Social Club, the popular radio program just back on Rai Radio2 (it airs from Monday to Friday, starting at 10.30). As always, alongside the Roman singer-songwriter and conductor, there is … Read more

Palestine, Israeli military shoot and kill reporter Ghufran Hamed Warasneh. “She approached with a knife” -Il Fatto Quotidiano

Palestine Israeli military shoot and kill reporter Ghufran Hamed Warasneh

Israeli forces shot in the chest and killed a local Palestinian reporter from 31 years old. AlJazeera and various other sources in the area report it. The killing took place this morning in the Arroub refugee camp in the south of the occupied zone of Palestine, between Bethlehem and Hebron. The woman was called Ghufran … Read more

Jovanotti in Scilla to shoot a new video clip: “I’m a big fan of Calabria, it’s wonderful”

Scilla (Reggio Calabria) – Good morning from Scilla for Lorenzo Jovanotti. The singer is, in fact, since yesterday in Calabria to record the video clip of the new piece “Alla Salute” with the Calabrian director Giacomo Triglia. Welcomed by the warmth of the Calabrians, Jovanotti greeted the fans who gathered under his hotel and, … Read more