Great Britain, taxes for the richest, no VAT on shopping: the new government like Thatcher

Great Britain taxes for the richest no VAT on shopping

A fiscal maneuver such as has not been seen since the days of Margaret Thatcher. The Conservative government of Liz Trussthrough the mouth of the Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng (i.e. the Minister of the Treasury), announced a drastic tax cut with the aim of giving an electric shock to the British economy, now … Read more

Inflation, a new record and a sting of 2500 euros per family: half of Italians ration their shopping at the supermarket

L’inflation it does not stop and prices continue to skyrocket, despite the restrictive monetary policy of the ECB. According to theIstat in August in Italy it touched the record value since 1985with a leap of8.4% on an annual basis, just below the European value (+ 9.1%). The growth compared to the previous month is 0.8%. … Read more

Milan is the most expensive city in Italy: the increase in prices (from shopping to house rentals) is holding back the arrival of talents

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

from Massimo Sideri In the Lombard capital, the trend inflation has exceeded 8%, the highest since 1994. The indicator of restaurants: if the bill rises, the bill rises proportionally. Thus the price increases are passed on to the consumer What would he think Federico Caffè the rise in coffee prices in Milan? The economist from … Read more

Shopping carts, do you know what those grates are for? They are very useful | Nobody knows

Shopping carts do you know what those grates are for

Have you ever wondered why shopping carts were made just like this? The answer is not so obvious and above all it literally leaves you speechless. Cart – We are used to going to the supermarket and take the trolley, today with the help of a coin, load it with shopping and go away. … Read more

10 Food-Medicine to prevent Cancer, here’s what to put in the shopping cart

10 Food Medicine to prevent Cancer heres what to put in

A new branch of science is confirming the correlation between certain foods, useful for preventing Cancer and the DNA response. It is called “Nutrigenica”, and it is the new discipline which deepens the study on benefits of food in the human bodyand winks at DNA. Adobe Stock The scope last of this science is fully … Read more

Copenhagen, shooting in a shopping center: victims and injured. A 22-year-old Dane is arrested

LIVE Giochi del Mediterraneo 2022 in DIRETTA ori nel tennis

from Silvia Morosi Gunshots were fired at Field’s Sunday. Police: “Several people were hit. We do not exclude it is an act of terrorism ». The mayor of Copenhagen: “Serious situation” IS a 22-year-old Dane the person arrested a Copenhagen near Field’s shopping center on suspicion of being responsible for the shooting this afternoon. “We … Read more

Inflation, never so high in 36 years: petrol and gas prices + 48.7%, increases of 8.3% on the shopping cart

LIVE Giochi del Mediterraneo 2022 in DIRETTA ori nel tennis

Inflation is accelerating again, driven by the continuous increases in energy prices. In June, according to preliminary estimates by Istat, prices rose by 8% on an annual basis, a pace that had not been recorded for 36 years, since January 1986. In May, the increase in the cost of living was 6 , 8%. The … Read more

Petrol vouchers: unbelievable, you can save on fuel by shopping at these points of sale

Petrol vouchers unbelievable you can save on fuel by shopping

The initiative of a well-known supermarket chain has started which allows you to receive petrol vouchers on the purchase of certain products. The fuel price it is, unfortunately, again increased and, therefore, finding a way to save is always convenient. Here is an extraordinary gimmick that allows you to accumulate petrol vouchers. Photo Canva L’long … Read more

Very effective trick but unknown to many in order not to waste money and save a lot of euros at the supermarket or shopping center

The sharp rise in prices encourages many families to save. The higher costs of bills and gasoline, but also of food, push to cut the purchase of products that are not strictly necessary. There is a very simple method that could help cut unnecessary expenses and save hundreds of euros a year. This method can … Read more