LIVE MN – Pillon: “For the clubs, the restructuring of San Siro is not a feasible hypothesis. Capacity? Reassurance on the cost of tickets and season tickets”

LIVE MN Pillon For the clubs the restructuring of Friends of, today at 12 the coordinator Andrea Pillon will present the final report following the ten meetings that have been held in the last two months on the Milan and Inter project for the new San Siro in the municipality of Milan. Through our live text you can follow Pillon’s statements. 12.11 … Read more

Even Berlusconi against Inter and Milan: “San Siro should not be knocked down”

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

Vittorio Sgarbi, new Undersecretary for Culture, hard on the project of the new stadium: “It dates back to 1926, there is an automatic restriction. We will never authorize the demolition. I understand Mayor Sala but this mistake will not be made” Sgarbi “stops” the bulldozers that would like to tear down the San Siro and … Read more

ASM Global wants to save San Siro: letter to Mayor Sala

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

The international company that organizes show events against plant demolition The plans of those who would like to tear down the stadium get complicated Meazza to replace it with a new plant (the Cathedral) as part of a renovation that includes an area of ​​133 thousand square meters. There ASM Global, an international company that … Read more

Milan, everything ok after Chelsea? Juve, it’s time to leave. The future is at stake at San Siro

Milan everything ok after Chelsea Juve its time to leave

After the bad defeat in London, Pioli finds Hernandez to change gear. Allegri, without Di Maria, looks for confirmation and tries to rise to -1 from the champions. Woe to those who fall: Napoli does not wait … Calling it upside down, maybe it’s too much, but if it had been played a month ago, … Read more

La Roma vince a San Siro in rimonta, per l’Inter è la quarta sconfitta in otto gare Finale 1-2

Masks surprise turnaround where they are mandatory after October 1st

di Monica Colombo e Andrea Sereni Dimarco porta in vantaggio i nerazzurri, che poi subiscono un gran gol dell’argentino e capitolano al 75’. Quarta sconfitta in otto giornate per Inzaghi, che resta a 8 punti dalla vetta Inter-Roma 1-2, il tabellinoMarcatori: Dimarco 30’, Dybala 39’ pt; Smalling 30’ stINTER (3-5-2): Handanovic 5; Skriniar 5, Acerbi … Read more

Goodbye San Siro, the 60,000-seat Cathedral will be born: too small, so it will be a stadium only for the rich – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Goodbye San Siro the 60000 seat Cathedral will be born too

The path that will lead to cancellation of the Meazza stadium from the history of soccer and of Milan is ready to begin: from September 28, until November 18, the public debate on the proposal for the new plant will be held a San Siro from Milan And Inter. At the end of the cycle … Read more

New Inter and Milan stadium, Scaroni: ‘Impossible to renovate San Siro, the main reason’. Antonello: ‘Project added value for the city’

War in Ukraine where are we armies blocked south disputed

Inter And Milan they continue to work on the new stadium, with the public debate starting tomorrow, Wednesday 28 September. Paolo ScaroniRossoneri president, e Alexander AntonelloNerazzurri CEO Corporate, spoke at a press conference at the Barabino studio in Foro Buonaparte: their statements. SCARONI – “We met three years ago and I remember that in that … Read more

LIVE MN – Scaroni: “It’s impossible to renovate San Siro, that’s the main reason. RedBird wants the new stadium”

LIVE MN Scaroni Its impossible to renovate San Siro

Friends and friends of, we will soon follow live the press conference of Paolo Scaroni, president of Milan, and of Alessandro Antonello, Corporate CEO of Inter, at the Barabino studio in Foro Buonaparte to talk about the new stadium that the two clubs would like to build together, on the eve of the public … Read more

Milan-Inter, the dates for the construction of the new San Siro: works from 2024 to 2030. Collections of 120 million per season

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

The public debate on the new San Siro project is underwayafter that In recent days, Inter and Milan delivered the update of the “Technical Economic Feasibility Study”in which they also provide an estimate as regards the construction of the new plant and the multipurpose sector that will be born. THE TIMINGS -. As reported by … Read more

Milan-Udinese, San Siro flies towards sold-out. Sales boom for the first of the Italian champions

Milan Udinese San Siro flies towards sold out Sales boom for the © photo by On 13 August, Milan Campione d’Italia will make their debut on the San Siro lawn in the first league match against Udinese. For Stefano Pioli’s team it will be the first opportunity to find their fans at San Siro. The enthusiasm of the great Rossoneri family has translated into a … Read more