Brittle hair and dry skin, a 27-year-old mother ignores the symptoms: “I’ve always been fine”. Then the shock diagnosis

Brittle hair and dry skin a 27 year old mother ignores the

Waking up at 27 and finding yourself battling thyroid cancer. The biggest nightmare that unfolds before and the awareness, in retrospect, that it could have been discovered earlier. Christina McKnight, who is now 35, fought cancer and now on TikTok she tells the importance of prevention, starting from her personal experience. … Read more

Anti-aging fillers and ultrasound to rejuvenate the skin – iO Donna

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Lhe combinations of different procedures during the same session are nothing new for aesthetic medicine, which is increasingly updating its anti-aging fillers. However, some synergies work better than others. Like those, for example, that they have protagonist a medical device called Ultherapy®loved by Chloë Sevingy and Paulina Porizkova who were among the first to experiment … Read more

Atopic skin, therapies still inadequate

Atopic skin therapies still inadequate

Dry and red skin. Intense and constant itching: with critical periods and others in which the disease seems to have receded. Atopic dermatitis is the most common inflammatory problem that can affect the skin. In Italy it concerns approximately fifty thousand people, including adults and children. And almost all of them, despite the various opportunities … Read more

An app for skin diseases and to understand if the red dots are serious

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It’s called Dermatology Assist and it’s an app launched by Google to recognize 288 diseases affecting skin, hair and nails. The patient can upload a photo and answer a few questions and the doctor can use it to discover malignant lesions and improve therapies. It is not a question of undermining the dermatologist from his … Read more

Viruses make the skin more “appetizing” for the mosquitoes that transmit the infection

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from Silvia Turin Dengue and Zika manipulate the skin microbiome of the hosts in order to favor the production of acetophenone, which stimulates mosquito bites and, ultimately, the spread of viral infections Viruses that are transmitted via mosquito bites they are capable of altering the organism’s microbiome that infect in order to make it produce … Read more

Skin cancer: If you have any of these 5 red flags you should book a visit to the dermatologist right away

Skin cancer If you have any of these 5 red

With summer now it is important to protect yourself from excessive exposure to UV rays, because if sunbathing can be positive in terms of vitamin D, on the other hand it could cause serious skin problems. © Sereznly / 123rf There are approximately 16,700 new diagnoses of skin cancerwhich has become the fifth most common … Read more

Symptoms Diabetes, the 6 key signs on your skin that you shouldn’t ignore

Symptoms Diabetes the 6 key signs on your skin that

Diabetes is a disease that can appear at any age and without warning, but let’s see what could be the first 6 fundamental signs on your skin that should not be underestimated. You know, the diabetes it is a disease that can appear at any age and without warning, this is because its symptoms are … Read more

3 natural remedies and fruit to avoid to soothe this annoying skin disorder that gets worse with sweat in summer

Sweating a lot in the summer can be irritating. And not only for a relational question, but also because the dermatological problems already present often worsen. Unfortunately, wearing light-colored clothing made of natural fabrics helps, but to a certain extent. The temperatures reached so far leave little room for the prospect of a cool and … Read more

Mosquito bites are annoying but to deflate them and relieve itching there would be this comfortable natural product to massage into the skin

We know it well: the arrival of summer brings with it the heat and, above all, the hateful swarms of mosquitoes. But on the other hand, every season has pros and cons and we should get used to it. We all know these tiny insects very well, despite ourselves. Their buzz never leaves us alone … Read more