Volantino Euronics “Raddoppia Saldi” e “Il Festival Degli Sconti” fino al 10 febbraio con iPhone 14 e Smart TV Samsung

Vezio Ceniccola del 26 gennaio 2023, 11:20, modifica il 27 gennaio 2023, 11:54 Partono oggi le nuove offerte speciali disponibili col volantino Euronics, che si moltiplica in tante edizioni diverse a seconda del punto vendita. Per la precisione, abbiamo le promozioni “Superasaldi” da Nova, “Sconti Pazzeschi” da CDS, “Il Festival degli Sconti” da DIMO, “Sconti … Read more

Diagnoses can be made (also) with «smart» facial analysis

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

Of Roger Corcella Two clinical studies investigated the use of AI applied to face recognition for the screening of genetic syndromes and pain assessment in children At first, it might look like version 4.0 of physiognomy. let’s talk aboutfacial analysis performed through machine learning: an enormous amount of data, images and videos, processed by artificial … Read more

The smart device that analyzes urine and mounts in the toilet is born. Withings made it

The smart device that analyzes urine and mounts in the

Withings unveiled its latest wellness device at CES: is called U-Scananalyzes the urine and traces, through this analysis, a clinical picture. U-Scan consists of two distinct parts: a “reader”, which is installed in the toilet, and a replaceable cartridge contained within the reader itself. Operation is very simple: the user mines directly on the device … Read more

Evie, the Smart Ring available in 2023: it’s perfect for women’s health, here’s how it works

Evie the Smart Ring available in 2023 its perfect for

We will soon be able to wear the innovative Smart Ring, a jewel designed to monitor women’s health. The mechanism is similar to that of the already known ones smart watchesbut much more innovative and with features designed for the female well-being. NewsToday – Credit: prnewswire.com The smart watches now I’m at reach of all … Read more

Maneuver 2023, ok from the House with 197 yes. Pensions, smart working, basic income: all measures

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

From the enlargement of the flat tax audience to the cut of the tax wedge, to the tightening of the Rdc, pensions and the superbonus passing through a series of usual micro-regulations. The maneuver received the go-ahead from the Chamber and passes to the Senate for the definitive go-ahead by 30 December. These are the … Read more

Samsung, unmissable discount on top smart TVs: bargain price

La fermezza di re Carlo III e le lacrime di

Of smart TVs the market is now full. Just take a tour of any consumer electronics store or an e-commerce sector to find dozens and dozens of models in every price range. Such an abundance, however, more often than not complicates the choice and risks leading the buyer astray. Up Telegram we have opened two … Read more

Intesa Sanpaolo agreement, short 4-day week and smart working for 4 months a year

Mario Caucci ex husband of Noemi Bocchi He knows what

Short working week and up to 120 days of smart working per year. This is the new flexible work organization that Intesa Sanpaolo will propose to its 74,000 employees in Italy. The new model, which is not shared by the trade unions, reads a note from the bank, meets the needs of reconciling the professional … Read more

Smart home: Google makes the announcement that changes everything

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

Homes all over the world are in full domotic revolution: devices for smart home are spreading, in many new homes they even become part of the specifications, and more and more data is being exchanged in order to make the lives of those who live in those homes more comfortable, smart and maybe even more … Read more

Ukrainians strike in Russia and wait for smart bombs

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

Russians continue raids on cities and push on Bakhmut. 60 Army vehicles transferred to Belarus Frost on the ground and cold along the diplomatic channels: for now Russia and Ukraine do not foresee truces, not even Christmasrepeat that the conflict is destined to continue despite the contacts, which nevertheless exist, explorations to see to arrive … Read more