Italy can smile even if depressed for the World Cup: it is a real team, now the Final Four. Donnarumma, crazy parades!

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

Can the gall be sweetened? Can You Smile When One Is Depressed? Can we answer, to those who make fun of us because we are out of the World Cup, that we are still European champions and again in the Nations League finals in the Netherlands? Our answer is yes. Of course, it is not … Read more

China’s strategy, in 4 steps: why Xi might not make Putin smile

Insulin does the oral tablet come against diabetes Focusit

Xi Jinping returns to travel after 3 years: in Samarkand he will see the Russian president, Putin. With him I will also discuss the situation in Ukraine, gas, common strategies: but Moscow knows that Beijing does nothing for nothing, and political scientists do not foresee any direct involvement in the war. Because there are no … Read more

Premier League: Liverpool cue the first. Chelsea and Tottenham smile

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

In the new Craven Cottage the Reds catch the hosts twice, dragged by the Serbian striker. The Spurs drop the poker: 4-1 at Southampton. The Blues respond: 1-0 to Everton In the first round of Premier Leaguethe Liverpool (twice below) is stopped at 2-2 by the Fulham newly promoted: Salah resumes the Cottagers in the … Read more

Queen Elizabeth returns to the Royal Horse Show in public: smile and sunglasses

from Enrica Roddolo After the forfeit at the State opening of Parliament a few days ago in Westminster, the sovereign arrived this morning at the equestrian event in Windsor. On her stands, smiling, with her son Edoardo If anyone after the flat rate at the State opening of Parliament a few days ago in Westminsterhe … Read more