Social storm widens, new strikes paralyze Great Britain – World

Brazil Bolsonaro investigation requested for attempted coup World

New field day in the trenches of social protests shaking the United Kingdom in the name of a flurry of demands on the adjustment of wages to the cost of living after the years of austerity, of the contractual ceilings on increases, lastly of the repercussions of the pandemic and lockdown. The escalation was marked … Read more

Eating disorders, the role of social media: “Comparison with ideal models increases the risk of disease. Girls compare weight and size to those of influencers” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

You too have noticed it and many of you have told us about your experiences: clothes are increasingly skimpy. Over the past few weeks, we at FqMagazine we have analyzed the phenomenon, trying to explain why this happens and how it is possible that the sizes shown on the clothes tags refer to measurements that … Read more

Netflix closes the series ‘1899’, it is addressed on social networks

Netflix closes the series 1899 it is addressed on social

It is true had divided the fans of dark between those who loved her and who didn’t, yet no one expected the series 1899 was canceled after the first season. And to think that the New York Times had put it in the list of the best series of the year. It was the showrunners … Read more

NASA, the Christ of Rio, Wembley: the planetary tribute to Pelé. The tweets from Argentina, the social controversies

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

Of Pierfrancesco Catucci On Monday the wake in the Santos stadium, on Tuesday the procession through the city and the private funeral. All Italian football will observe a minute of silence Even Diego Armando Maradona would have celebrated it properly, if he had still been with us. Between genes, on the other hand, once you … Read more

“Traitor, what kind of man is he”: Ibrahimovic massacred on social media

Traitor what kind of man is he Ibrahimovic massacred on

“Traitor, what kind of man is he”: Ibrahimovic massacred on social media. The Swedish champion has had to face a hail of criticism The reason is related to the disappearance of Sinisa Mihajlovic, a great friend of Zlatan. The problem was his absence during the funeral of the former Bologna coach. No one has forgiven … Read more

Slow Medicine: “A social pact for a sober, respectful and just National Health Service”

of Slow Medicine ETS Association The serious structural critical issues that have emerged for some time in our healthcare are progressively compromising the main strategic support of every public and solidarity-based NHS: citizens’ trust in its concrete and homogeneous reliability. For this we need a truly new founding Social Pact, similar to the one which … Read more

Inter, Danovaro: “In 57 million on social networks. Paid friendlies? The agreement with Meta…”

Inter Danovaro In 57 million on social networks Paid friendlies

The Nerazzurri’s presence in Malta offers the Club important opportunities, as explained by Luca Danovaro, Nerazzurri Chief Revenue Officer Inter is in Malta for a Training Camp which will last until 9 December. An opportunity for Simone Inzaghi’s team to train in the favor of a mild climate, as well as to play two friendlies: … Read more

Macron idea for electric cars: social leasing

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

French President Macron has launched a new project involving leasing for electric cars. A plan of 100 euros per month for the rental of zero-emission cars. A new strategy, which the president had already talked about a few months ago, which could be the turning point. The promise made by Macron concerns what has been … Read more

Social service and new organizational models in territorial healthcare

by Salvatore Poidomani 28 NOV – Dear Director,Also this year social workers with the participation of SUNAS were significantly present at the 17th Forum Risk Management in Healthcare in Arezzo. The theme chosen in this edition concerned the “New organizational models in territorial healthcare after the approval of the DM77, the role of the Professional … Read more