XFactor 2022: save soldier Fedez. Rkomi and Dargen squeeze, Amber saves herself PHOTO

Hell Factor or not Hell Factor, double elimination is always a moment highlight of any edition of XFactor. Especially if it precedes the evening of the unreleased in a season in which unreleased, fortunately, we have heard much less than in the recent past (when they had honestly broken). But above all, dear talent jackals, … Read more

“Death always stays with us”: the story of Illias, 29, a Ukrainian soldier wounded at the front

Palermo no longer knows how to win with the Cittadella

from Lorenzo Cremonesi Twenty-nine years old, wounded at the front, he lost consciousness in the trenches. The Corriere’s correspondent had met him on 21 June. He finds him now, convalescing but still serious, at the hospital in Kiev No.I don’t think we’ll ever understand it. Nor is he too angry when he realizes that he … Read more

Pd, attacks in bursts from the old guard. The “slap of the soldier” to the Nazareno- Corriere.it

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

From Bindi to D’Alema, Bersani and Cacciari, in the party preparing for the congress the broadsides come from the past Other than keeping silent about the object and pretending nothing happened, which the ancient proverb suggested as an example of good manners. Here it is as if in the house of the hanged man, precisely … Read more

Ukraine, Palamar: ‘I’m in Azovstal with my command’. Requested life sentence for Russian soldier in the trial in Kiev – World

The irreducible front in the steel plant does not seem to be giving up. Until the last soldier, a propaganda war continues to be fought around Azovstal. When the exit of the Ukrainian troops from the Mariupol steel plant, which remained an impregnable bunker for ten weeks, seemed nearing completion, the diehards of the Azov … Read more

Ukraine, senior Azov official: ‘Our fight continues’. Requested life sentence for Russian soldier in the trial in Kiev – World

Ukraine senior Azov official Our fight continues Requested life sentence

Russia is ready to resume talks with Ukraine when Kiev declares itself ready to do so. This was stated by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko. Immediate reply of a Zelensky adviser: “Do not offer us a ceasefire, this is impossible without the total withdrawal of the Russian troops”. From Biden at the White House … Read more