Damiano of the Maneskin, being with her was enough for him to forget Giorgia Soleri: she is very young and crazy | Here is the new flame of lei-solomotori.it

Damiano of the Maneskin being with her was enough for

Damiano David with Giorgia Soleri in the Chamber. (HANDLE) The Måneskin are an Italian rock group that in a short time has climbed the world charts becoming even the most popular group in the world. The frontman of the band, Damiano David, is engaged to the beautiful and charming Giorgia Soleri, model and influencer who … Read more

Giorgia Soleri again in the eye of the storm, she defends herself from criticism and brings up her boyfriend Damiano David (who replies on Twitter)

Giorgia Soleri again in the eye of the storm she

Giorgia Soleri she is one of the influencers that divides the public the most; on the one hand there are those who love her and consider her social activism a move to raise awareness of important issues; on the other hand, there are those who consider it a bit “too much”. In fact, the girl … Read more

Giorgia Soleri a Venezia: bufera, lei si giustifica (era meglio tacere)

Giorgia Soleri a Venezia bufera lei si giustifica era meglio

News La fidanzata di Damiano David è stata travolta da una cascata di critiche dopo aver sfilato sul tappeto rosso veneziano Pubblicato su 4 Settembre 2022 Il cinema è noioso, meglio fare altro. Il ragionamento è firmato dalla poetessa e fotografa Giorgia Soleri, ossia la fidanzata di Damiano David (frontman dei Maneskin). Bene, nulla da … Read more

Giorgia Soleri, “in the long night, with my tongue, I collect the secrets”: the comparison with Alda Merini? We asked the opinion of the poet Calandrone – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Giorgia Soleri in the long night with my tongue I

“Merini will be turning in the grave like a drill”, “Do you publish your poems because she is the girlfriend of Damiano David of the Måneskin?” Giorgia Soleri has just published “Miss nobody“(Vallardi publisher), her first book, and many on social networks attack it relentlessly. In all possible ways. When she told that in 2018 … Read more