Car consumption, this detail makes you halve the costs: nobody considers it but it is fundamental –

Car consumption this detail makes you halve the costs nobody

Expensive fuel. How to save petrol and cut car consumption in detail. (HANDLE) With the high cost of living, the rise in bills and skyrocketing fuel prices, once again above 2 euros per liter at the beginning of 2023, saving on car consumption becomes crucial to being able to get to the end of the … Read more

Dear fuel, with these cars you consume very little: a choice that can change your life | The official list –

Dear fuel with these cars you consume very little a

Car consumption ranking. Here are the ones they consume by type of engine in 2022. (Mercedes-Benz) When choosing a car, parameters such as the purchase price, line, passenger compartment and trunk capacity, segment or standard accessories tend to be more considered. But in a period of crisis like the one we are experiencing, and with … Read more

Petrol, if you find these distributors you will find a treasure: you save rivers of money –

Petrol if you find these distributors you will find a

Saving on the cost of petrol: a very useful trick using some distributors (ANSA) The crisis, the cost of living, the rise in bills and fuel, put all Italians in serious difficulty who are trying with difficulty to make ends meet and make ends meet. For those who clock up many kilometers a month and … Read more

Fiat unstoppable, dusts off the historic 126: this is how it could be It is expected in 2024: the images –

Fiat unstoppable dusts off the historic 126 this is how

The great fans of the brand and of this model are already dreaming: between nostalgia and anticipation, here’s how we could find the 126 again There are cars that make you dream and we don’t necessarily talk about luxury vehicles. We are talking about models that have made history, because their success has allowed them … Read more

New Kia Niro, safety and eco-sustainability: the car among the finalists for Car of the Year 2023 –

1672006446 New Kia Niro safety and eco sustainability the car among the

Only 7 cars in the final of the 27 candidates: the winner of the Car of the Year 2023 will be proclaimed early next year at the Brussels Motor Show All ready for the assignment of the prestigious prize “Car of the Year” and there is immediately a big news: unlike other years in which … Read more

The traffic police alarm: “Lithium battery fires every two days” I Here’s what you need to do to avoid the dangers –

The traffic police alarm Lithium battery fires every two days

Communications, for now, arrive outside Italy: first from London, now from New York. Here’s who’s sounding the alarm and what’s going on… Electric vehicles undoubtedly represent the future and the turning point of the entire global transport sector. Greater safety, reliability, comfort, very high technologies and reduced polluting emissions. All perfect? Actually…no. A dilemma still … Read more

Batteries, what you have to do in winter if you have an electric or plug-in I With these tricks you avoid nasty surprises –

Batteries what you have to do in winter if you

When it comes to car batteries, but not only, we know how the management of recharges and various other factors affect their health and consequently their longevity. However, a battery, no matter how good and how well treated, will eventually wear out. But given their cost, it is good to follow a few tricks. Are … Read more

Flat car battery, with the headlight trick you can solve it in an instant: only the mechanics know it –

Flat car battery with the headlight trick you can solve

You get out of the house in the morning, get into the car, put it in order and the bitter surprise: the car won’t start because the battery can’t start the engine. And the swearing and yelling begin, because we’re already always late and we have to go to work and also leave the children … Read more

Pier Silvio Berlusconi, the new love appears: “his heart now beats for her” | Silvia Toffanin ‘forgotten’ –

Pier Silvio Berlusconi the new love appears his heart now

Pier Silvio Berlusconi is one of the most brilliant Italian entrepreneurs. Son of the much more famous Silvio in art, he inherited his father’s great entrepreneurial ability and passion and is currently the CEO of Mediaset, a television company founded by his father. Pier Silvio has a very attractive partner who also works in the … Read more

Car insurance, €3000 fine and seizure of the vehicle if this detail is not the case: everyone is being checked | go and see now –

RC insurance is one of those mandatory documents for traveling by any means, whether they are cars, motorcycles or commercial vehicles, trucks and trucks. Not only must it be valid and in good standing, but you must always carry it with you whenever you are on board. There are different penalties based on the type … Read more