2022 stamp, don’t pay it: nobody knows but there are exemptions | Check it out now – solomotori.it

2022 stamp dont pay it nobody knows but there are

The Auto Stamp is one of those taxes that usually cannot be avoided when you own a car or a motorcycle. This is because it is precisely a tax of ownership of the vehicle. But there are exemptions in particular cases. The car tax usually it must be paid within 30 days of purchasing a … Read more

Tesla, he left it in the garage for a month and found it like this: to feel bad – solomotori.it

Tesla he left it in the garage for a month

It is always better to take care of your things, and, when it comes to keeping them, to leave them well guarded. Now, cars are no exception to this. In the matter considered, the protagonist car is a Tesla, protagonist together with its owner, of course, who received an unwelcome surprise. Great nice model of … Read more

Roof of the car, you have always had them there but you do not know what they are for: from today you will use them every day – solomotori.it

Roof of the car you have always had them there

There are some accessory features, regarding our car, that we often ignore, but that we could exploit in a certain way. On the roof of the car, for example, there are parts that you’ve always had there, but never consider them. Read this guide so you know how to take advantage of it! With the’use … Read more

Mercedes c63 amg, with the hybrid flies like a Lamborghini: 680 hp of pure power – solomotori.it

Mercedes c63 amg with the hybrid flies like a Lamborghini

The C63 amg SE Performance, the new release from Mercedes, promises exhilarating performance. Every new Mercedes car release is an event, and now there is no exception. 680 hp of power for the latest technology hybrid engine. The new evolutionary model from Mercedes C63 it is in the name of renewal and the transition to … Read more

Bmw, the new 3 series scares everyone: true sports performance and disarming beauty – solomotori.it

Bmw the new 3 series scares everyone true sports performance

For all lovers of engines, and in particular BMW, great news is coming: the new BMW 3 series is coming out, with excellent performance to say the least. Let’s talk about the evolution of a car model that is waiting to be discovered. Usually, by the time a house of historical productionwhat is the case … Read more

Petrol vouchers, these only steal money: do not take them – solomotori.it

Petrol vouchers these only steal money do not take them

In a period of crisis, obtaining petrol vouchers would be very convenient, where it was really possible. Often, we find certain pitfalls online. Let’s go into the topic, talking about petrol vouchers not to be taken. Except in exceptional circumstances, given by special prizes established by the large distribution chains in the fuel sector, we … Read more

Lamborghini Urus, here is the new model that kills Ferrari: it looks like a spaceship – solomotori.it

Lamborghini Urus here is the new model that kills Ferrari

Urus Performante throws the gauntlet to the Ferrari Purosangue. The new SUV was unveiled slightly in advance to take the stage for the new Prancing Horse car, which will be unveiled on 8 September. Pebble Beach, a location chosen more and more frequently. Lately, many manufacturers have chosen the exotic Californian location to preview their … Read more