Insomnia, an increasingly widespread problem: a new drug promises more effective solutions

1675262196 Insomnia an increasingly widespread problem a new drug promises more

Insomnia is a discomfort for millions of Italians, in fact, according to estimates, 20% of the population suffers from it. But there is a new cure. Today those who suffer from this serious condition, which undermines the quality of life, will have more hope thanks to Research. InformationToday By insomnia, in fact, we obviously do … Read more

Juventus, Chiesa and Pogba towards the return: Allegri studies tactical solutions

War in Ukraine direct Moscow Ukrainian raid against oil depot

Both aim to return to the squad in the coming weeks and target Juve-Inter on November 6 There Juventus she found herself suddenly having to deal with theGleison Bremer injurybut Max Allegri can console himself: the return of Federico Chiesa and Paul Pogba, two of the pawns around which the Juventus coach was aiming to … Read more

LIVE READINGS – Spalletti: “Spezia? It is worth 3 points like with Liverpool. Great matches are not enough, we need continuity! Osimhen? Two solutions. On Sirigu, penalties and Rangers …”

LIVE READINGS Spalletti Spezia It is worth 3 points

Luciano Spalletti presents Napoli-Spezia, a match scheduled for tomorrow at 3pm at the Maradona stadium. Luciano Spalletti presents Napoli-Spezia, a match scheduled for tomorrow at 3 pm at the Maradona stadium. The blue coach, as usual, on the eve of the match will speak at the press conference, directly from Castel Volturno, and will … Read more

Google Analytics: what solutions should local authorities and public administrations adopt?

Google Analytics what solutions should local authorities and public administrations

The story of Google Analytics in recent weeks has destabilized not a few companies And Public administrations. In total uncertainty, we tried to rearrange the concepts and find together with an expert the best of the solutions available at the moment. What is Google Analytics and how does it work? Google Analytics (GA) is a … Read more

POS mandatory from June 30th. Here are the most convenient solutions to comply with the law (even without a monthly fee)

POS mandatory from June 30th Here are the most convenient

From 30 June, commercial establishments that do not accept payments in electronic money can be fined: 30 euros for each denied transaction, of any amount, through a POS plus 4% of the value of the denied transaction. It is no longer a question of choice: whoever does not comply risks a sanction. Today the … Read more

Omicron 5, Ricciardi: “The wave was predictable: for unpopular solutions you need to have the courage”

Despite the rise in cases, few wear the mask. On the street, on public transport and in clubs, distancing not even to talk about it. “There is a collective removal of the pandemic – he observes Walter Ricciardiadvisor to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza and full professor of General and Applied Hygiene at the … Read more

The wheat stolen by Putin and the 4 hardly achievable solutions offered by the Tsar

Use the ports of Mariupol and Berdiansk but only Russian ships would be allowed for sanctions; or the port of Odessa but there is a mine problem; third option, the ports on the Danube but they are small; finally, the passage from Belarus, which for that reason is unacceptable for the West Almost as if … Read more

Sagging eyelids? Here are the best aesthetic medicine solutions (and a lifting effect eye drops)

Sagging eyelids Here are the best aesthetic medicine solutions and

In medical terminology, the term ptosis is used to describe drooping or abnormal drooping of the eyelids. “When this condition is not linked to hereditary factors, in most cases it manifests itself with the aging of skin tissues, which lose tone and elasticity ”, explains Stefan Dima, dermatologist and head of the Department of Aesthetic … Read more

War in Ukraine, the direct – Putin to Scholz-Macron: ‘Ok to solutions on wheat, but stop weapons’. The reply: ‘Free the soldiers of Azovstal’ – Il Fatto Quotidiano

War in Ukraine the direct Putin to Scholz Macron Ok

28 May 2022 16:43 Kiev: “No alternatives to EU membership” Ukraine “does not need” an “alternative” to joining the EU. This was stated by the leader of Kiev, Volodymyr Zelensky, in an interview with the Dutch newspaper Nieuwsuur. He brings it back Ukrinform. “We just need the support of these countries,” Zelensky added. The reference … Read more

Not just super weapons: the “creative” solutions used by Kiev and Moscow

Vladimir Putin talks about super weapons, but it does not always correspond to what is seen in Ukraine. In fact, on the battlefield there is everything: novelties such as drone-kamikaze, traditional equipment, but also simple and effective solutions. M777 The abbreviation indicates the American 155 mm gun shipped in a hurry to Kiev. Towable, it … Read more