Understood who is the son of Dr. Nowzaradan di Vite to the limit? Stuff to put your hands in your hair – Show only

Understood who is the son of Dr Nowzaradan di Vite

He is the most famous doctor in reality TV, the other his eldest son. Certainly less exposed but in some way linked to the show that made his father famous. We are talking about Dr. Nowzaradan, the “star” of Lives on the edge, the reality show in which the obese finally take their lives in … Read more

Federica Aversano of UeD, here she is with her son: the shot makes all of Italy cry

Federica Aversano of UeD here she is with her son

Federica Aversano has published a photo with her son, moving all of Italy. Here is the shot. Federica Aversano- Nanopress.it Men and women it returned from September 20 on the televisions of all Italians and brought with it the old commentators Tina Cipollari, Gianni Sperti And Tinì Cansino but also protagonists of the old edition … Read more

Queen Elizabeth, the letter from Andrew the “favorite” son: “The world criticizes me, but you have always understood me”

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There is an atmosphere of melancholy anticipation in London which today will pay its last homage to Elizabeth II, the longest-lived and most beloved queen in British history. It will be a great day, which will remain etched in the memory of the million people who will witness the passage of the coffin and also … Read more

Son is back! Hurricane Tottenham on Leceister: 6-2 with a hat-trick from the Korean

Son is back Hurricane Tottenham on Leceister 6 2 with a

He enters and in 13 minutes he closes a spectacular match. Conte’s Spurs together with City climb to the top of the standings with 17 points Undefeated. And with Son returned phenomenon. Antonio Conte’s Tottenham arrives at the national break, overwhelming Leicester 6-2 at home, with the South Korean starting from the bench for the … Read more

“He left me …” Maurizio Costanzo with tears in his eyes for his son: what a thrill

He left me Maurizio Costanzo with tears in his

Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi love their son Gabriele very much, adopted when he was 12 years old. Recently, a statement from the host made everyone move. Here’s what Maurizio Costanzo said about him. Maurizio Costanzo with tears – Nanopress.it Love between Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi it has lasted since the early … Read more

“Great pain”, Gianni Morandi: shed endless tears for his son | He is gone

Great pain Gianni Morandi shed endless tears for his son

Gianni Morandi is one of the most loved Italian songwriters of all generations. The story of him has upset the fans, precisely because no one would have expected such a revelation. Gianni Morandi – NanoPress.it Gianni Morandi is the undisputed face of Italian music that every year knows how to reinvent itself, without ever getting … Read more

Luciana Littizzetto talks about her son and reveals everything: she has committed a very serious and unforgivable crime

Luciana Littizzetto talks about her son and reveals everything she

Luciana Littizzetto often spoke of her children, taken into foster care long ago, and in particular of Jordan and the serious crime he committed at school. Here’s what it is. Luciana Littizzetto is the number one comedian among the female faces of television as well as being a perfect model of feminism. A career woman, … Read more

Piero Angela is dead: the journalist and TV presenter was 93 years old. The son Alberto: “Have a good trip dad”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

from Chiara Severgnini Farewell to the journalist and presenter, the historical face of Rai. The announcement of his son Alberto: «Have a good trip dad». In 2021 he had told the Corriere: “The thing that gratifies me the most is having had an impact on the training of the boys”. Mattarella: “Disappears a great Italian … Read more

Scandal, Prince Charles has had a secret son for many years. Buckingham Palace is shaking

Scandal Prince Charles has had a secret son for many

An indiscretion that could cast a lot of shadow on the English crown, the secret son of Prince Charles comes out, he is now a man and would be the son of the direct heir to the throne. An incredible new scandal is about to explode right at Buckingham Palace and this time it sees … Read more

PSG, Al-Khelaifi: “Verratti like a son, Real wants to kill the soul of football”

PSG Al Khelaifi Verratti like a son Real wants to kill

Fewer sparkling names, younger and loyalty to the shirt: the president of Paris Saint-Germain lays the foundations for the new cycle A new dawn is about to hit the Eiffel Tower: new sports manager, new coach and new market philosophy. PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi anticipated his revolution in Gazzetta dello Sport: “With Campos and the … Read more