Toyota unveils the sports version of the RAV4 SUV

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

Toyota RAV4 has remained at the top of its segment over time, for almost 30 years, thanks to the philosophy of constant evolution and improvement. Faithful to its tradition, which over the years has seen the continuous introduction of new ideas to maintain customer appeal, Toyota has successfully applied its know-how in electrification, in which … Read more

Capital gains Juve, the sports prosecutor’s office reopens the investigation: eight other clubs are involved. What risks

XFactor 2022 MTV But Is It All True In the

Of Sports editorial team The sporting trial (in which 11 clubs and 61 managers were involved) ended with the acquittal of managers and clubs for the impossibility of giving a single market value to the players A new front opens up capital gains of sports justice, and Juventus is at the center, but not only. … Read more

A new sports facility at Cep: project details

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

The project for the new multipurpose gym for the Cep district was presented yesterday by the municipal administration of Pisa, following the award by the municipality of the financing of 3 million euros of PNRR funds obtained from the ‘Sport and suburbs’ tender. “I would like to underline – said the Councilor for Sports Facilities … Read more

Alfa Romeo Giulia: the sports coupé according to Zagato

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The Milanese atelier has unveiled the Alfa Romeo Giulia Swb Zagato, a unique example. Dream car commissioned by a collector of Alfa Romeo cars Savina Confaloni @ savinaconfaloni December 20th The new Alfa Romeo Giulia Swb Zagato made its debut on the Arese track for the photo shoot, created by the Milanese atelier on commission … Read more

KTM RC 990: the return of the super sports car is getting ready [Foto Spia] – News –

KTM RC 990 the return of the super sports car

New spy photos reveal that the development of the new two-cylinder in-line KTM super sports car continues, awaited after the exit of the 990 V2 in 2015. The novelties concern aesthetics and chassis December 12, 2022 TOSeen the first time just over a year agothe road super sports car RC 990 of KTM one liter … Read more

Alfa Romeo Giulia Swb Zagato, the emotion of the Italian sports car is back

Short wheelbase, truncated tail and coupé bodywork: social preview for a stylistic and mechanical elaboration signed by the Milanese design workshops that most of all have linked their name to the Alfa Romeo Gianluigi Giannetti December 11th It’s not her yet, but it represents a tasty preview. In other words, this will not be the … Read more

MV F3 800 RC vs Ducati Panigale V2 Bayliss: super sports bikes on your wrist! [VIDEO e GALLERY] – Tests –

MV F3 800 RC vs Ducati Panigale V2 Bayliss super

Two super sports cars at the top in terms of image and equipment, with performance within reach of … many and prices for … a few. 21,490 and for the Ducati and 27,800 (including the Racing kit) for the MV December 4, 2022 LOpportunity makes the thief, and this opportunity has transformed us into Banda … Read more

Juventus, interceptions. Elkann to Agnelli: “You said they’ve expanded from the sports management”

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

from Simona Lorenzetti and Massimiliano Nerozzi There are 544 pages of the request for precautionary measures made by the prosecutors (and rejected by the investigating judge), including wiretaps, documents, emails. Elkann: “Allegri mustn’t talk about foolish policies.” Agnelli to Percassi (Atalanta): “I have to stay still, the Guardia di Finanza is watching us” Of the … Read more