New Omicron variant manifesting strange red spots on the body 😷 Cerberus scares scientists clarify

New Omicron variant manifesting strange red spots on the body

Some people are experiencing strange red spots on the body: could it be due to the new Covid variant? I study. The Sars-Cov-2 virus is still giving us many problems. The infections are rising, but not only. The variants they have the course and symptoms also changed of the disease. InformationToday Unfortunately the first colds … Read more

If you find these spots on your nails, you need to be very careful: keep an eye on your health

If you find these spots on your nails you need

The nails tell us a lot about our state of health. By observing them they can notice shape and color and if there are any spots, this is what it means. Stained Nails (Photo from AdobeStock) THE MOST READ ARTICLES TODAY: How much does it cost to eat in a 3-star Michelin restaurant: what we … Read more

Fever, headache and spots on the skin, here are the symptoms of monkeypox

1) What is meant by monkeypox or monkeypox? It is an infectious disease widespread above all in Africa among monkeys but also in some rodents. The countries most affected by this pathology are Ghana and Nigeria. The English name was chosen to differentiate it from another virus, chickenpox, characterized by spots on the larger balls. … Read more

Omicron, new symptoms: from skin lesions to nail spots. All the signs of the virus

Omicron new symptoms from skin lesions to nail spots All

Change i symptoms from Omicron. The virus evolves, changes shape and new variants emerge. And so there are other signs that indicate when you are infected. They are all important indicators that can warn us of the presence in our body of the coronavirus and therefore allow us to take a swab and check if … Read more

Varices, evident veins and purple spots on the legs could be prevented with an important precaution to remember when leaving the house

When the season gets warmer, we tend to wear lighter clothing. Pants, which we like so much and are in fashion, shorten and perhaps make room for the skirt, which allows us more freshness and freedom. Exactly the uncovered skin, however, makes us take note of the presence of varicose veins, evident veins and purple … Read more