Milan holds up for a while, then Olympiacos spreads

Milan holds up for a while then Olympiacos spreads

Olimpia pays for the empty pass in the third quarter with only 6 points scored and so the Greeks rampage: 82-66. Messina’s team remains in the penultimate group Matchday number 17 of the Euroleague. Virtus’ feat in Barcelona on Thursday, while tonight Milan is beaten by Piraeus. Olympiacos-Milan 82-66 — The positive streak in Milan … Read more

Covid, Crisanti: ‘More lethal flu? Palu spreads disinformation

Covid Crisanti More lethal flu Palu spreads disinformation

Andrea Crisanti tough against Giorgio Palù, president of the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa): “Manifestation of public health illiteracy. You cannot say something like that” Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date Andrew Crisanti, well-known professor of microbiology at the University of Padua, guest of ‘The Breakfast Club’, broadcast on Radio Capital, spoke on … Read more

BTPs and spreads? Toh, Italy no longer frightens the markets: left… silent

BTPs and spreads Toh Italy no longer frightens the markets

Sandro Iacometti November 20, 2022 Christine Lagarde he did his best yesterday too. “If high inflation threatens to take root, we must decisively raise our reference rates and adopt a restrictive position”, declared the president of the ECB during the European Banking Congress, adding also that we must “normalize the other instruments of monetary policy”. … Read more

It spreads fast: because this strange mold is haunting scientists

XFactor 2022 MTV But Is It All True In the

48 In 1958 he caused a furore at the cinema Blob, a horror / science fiction film that revolved around the danger of a gelatinous slime coming from space, able to understand, want and conquer the globe. Here, even if the comparison is a bit risky, we could think of the mold Physarum Polycephalum just … Read more

Bertolaso ​​spreads Speranza, Greta Thunberg adios and the NGOs: so, today …

– I do not think Federico Rampini delight in existence by reading this splendid column (exaggerate?), but your editorial today is perfect and describes (in length) what we wrote here a few days ago. American Democrats cannot claim that “Democracy is in danger” whenever the people do not vote for them. To read. – “On … Read more

Fiorentina-Lazio 0-4: the former Vecino opens, Sarri spreads with Zaccagni, Luis Alberto and Immobile

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

FLORENCE – Thanks to the goals of the former Vecino, Zaccagni, Luis Alberto and Immobile – the 188th in Serie A – Maurizio Sarri’s Lazio wins 4-0 against Artemio Franchi from Florence and joins Udinese and Milan in third place in the standings at 20 points, at -3 from leaders Napoli. Viola starts strong and … Read more

The stock exchanges today, September 26th. Spreads and BTP yields rise after the Italian vote

The stock exchanges today September 26th Spreads and BTP yields

MILAN – After the Italian vote, with the massive success of the center-right coalition and the affirmation of the Brothers of Italy, lo spread between BTP and Bund Germans, a thermometer of the reliability that the markets attribute to Italy, expands to 236 basis points. Even more salt the ten-year yield tricolor, reaching 4.46% on … Read more

ECB, emergency meeting convened after the jump in spreads: the differential narrows and the yield on BTPs returns to below 4% – Il Fatto Quotidiano

ECB emergency meeting convened after the jump in spreads the

An announcement from the European Central Bank to ease the pressure on Italy. The ECB has convened a emergency summit to “discuss current market conditions”, or to assess the recent turbulence on the bond markets. A move that – according to observers – could anticipate the announcement of a new tool to address the rise … Read more

The crisis of digital currencies and “stablecoins” spreads. Monetary authorities worried. El Salvador, country of bitcoin, towards default – Il Fatto Quotidiano

The crisis of digital currencies and stablecoins spreads Monetary authorities

In what is becoming a troubling Domino effect also the “stablecoin” Tether broke its dollar parity by falling to 96 cents. Stablecoins are digital currencies theoretically designed to remain stable, as the name implies, and not be subject to the strong fluctuations of traditional digital currencies such as bitcoin. This theoretical stability is pursued or … Read more

UK: “Russian troll factory spreads disinformation”

LONDON. Another “troll factory”, aka Russian disinformation, in St. Petersburg, targeting the British government, European leaders and even music stars like Daft Punk and David Guetta. It would not be the infamous “Internet Research Agency”, but another platform in support of the propaganda of Vladimir Putin. At the head there would always be his “personal … Read more