Stefano Righi of Righeira: «I wasted a lot of money, Sanremo is our swan song. Today I no longer speak with Rota»

Stefano Righi of Righeira I wasted a lot of money

Of Renato Franco The musician now manages a record label: «Three fantastic years then darkness. We were best friends. The revival saved me.” Stefano Righi and Stefano Rota. So two unknown, but very famous as Johnson and Michael Righeira, the couple who with two songs remained engraved in the bronze of the time of pop … Read more

«Marriage to be saved?». “No, it’s a toxic relationship.” Controversy over the story of Valentina and Stefano

Marriage to be saved No its a toxic relationship Controversy

C’ Posta per te, episode of 7 January 2023: This is the story of an interrupted marriage. It begins like this, by the mouth of Maria DeFilippi, the story of Valentina, one of the five protagonists of the episode, a story which, since Saturday, has raised a lot of criticism on the net. Starting, for … Read more

Belen: «That’s why Stefano left me twice, I was terrible. Now everything is different, he loves Luna Mari”

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez, a long love story. It was the year 2012 when Belén and De Martino met behind the scenes of Amici di Maria De Filippi. An encounter that was the beginning of a passionate and overwhelming love story for both, which saw them literally forging ahead, getting married the following … Read more

Belen, the truth about Stefano De Martino: «It was he who left me, I suffered a lot. In the couple we weren’t just two…”

Tutti i film di Natale da vedere in tv oggi

Belen and Stephen DeMartino they returned to love each other, after a long period in which the two had taken two different paths, they found each other and now theirs love it’s stronger than ever. This was confirmed by the Argentine showgirl herself in a long interview with weekly f in … Read more

Elena Sofia Ricci and Stefano Mainetti, marriage at the end of the line after 19 years

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

The marriage between Elena Sofia Ricci and Stefano Mainetti has come to an end after 19 years. He broke the news Today, which would have self-confirmed by a source close to the couple. No statement from the actress, who recently said goodbye to the cast of God help us to devote himself to the theatre, … Read more


Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

A journey through Franco Battiato’s music and life. This is the content of documentary “The Voice of the Master”the event film, directed by Marco Spagnoli, that celebrates and tells the genius of Italian music. After previews at Milan And Rome, arrives on big screen furthermore 230 halls in all Italy, including the Liguria, thanks to … Read more

Men and Women, Federica Aversano reveals that she has heard from Stefano Piccari

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

Federica Aversano has recently abandoned the throne to men and womenafter her experience as a suitor of the last edition of the then tronista Matteo Ranieri. A few weeks after his choice, Federica was interviewed by Lorenzo Pugnaloni for MondoTv 24 and the first question he answered was the one concerning the choice to abandon … Read more

Stefano Tacconi, the anger of his son Andrea: “Bad and envious”.

Stefano Tacconi the anger of his son Andrea Bad and

Stefano Tacconi – Stefano Tacconi, the anger of his son Andrea: “Bad and envious”. It happened just now. The former Juventus goalkeeper is struggling with the rehabilitation process Seven months have passed since that cursed April 23, the day when the life of Stefano Tacconi and his entire family has changed forever. A moment, … Read more

Stefano Tacconi, the message moves: “I miss these moments”

Stefano Tacconi the message moves I miss these moments

Stefano Tacconi, the message moves everyone ( Stefano Tacconi, the message moves everyone: “I miss these moments”. After the illness at the end of April, the former goalkeeper is still fighting It has been practically seven months since the day that changed the life of Stefano Tacconi and his family. He was the April 23rd … Read more

Stefano De Martino, another son with Belen: the revelation makes you dream – Youbee Magazine

Stefano De Martino another son with Belen the revelation makes

Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino are back together again and they seem happier and more in love than before. Now she – apparently – would like to have another child with him. But the reaction of the Neapolitan showman in this regard displaces everyone … The relationship between Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino … Read more